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Guatemalan Civil War Photos

Guatemalan Civil War Photos Pictures    Guatemalan Civil War Photos Pictures

Travelogue Vagabond Photographs

These are photos that are used with the permission of the Costa Rica Center of Global College, Long Island University.

Village in a war-torn Guatemala

 Child adrift on a sea of civil war

Model village during the civil war. Entire communities were razed to the ground and the people were herded into these internment camps.

Cinco de Mayo protests in Guatemala City during the civil war

Photo of protesters.

Guatemala City on May Day twenty years ago

The streets of a model village during the Guatemala Civil War

May Day demonstrations in the early 1980s.

Model village near Nebaj. This was the middle of the fighting and was one of the areas where the guerilla forces were concentrated.

May Day demonstrations in Guatemala City

Guatemalan Civil War Photos Photos
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