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Website Construction Independent Study

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The final project, Vagabond

Vagabond is the accumulation of my efforts and studies in website construction. The site has gone through three different incarnations, many different editing programs, and is now almost entirely hand coded. The design is intentionally kept simple so that it comes up well in the search engines, and is designed to attract as much traffic as possible.

Please follow me on the following tour of Vagabond or just jump directly to the Site Map to browse through the pages on your own.

Tour of Vagabond

This site is divided up into five main sections that can be easily accessed from the home index at, Vagabond

Please start the tour at www.Vagabond and then you can move into the other sections of the site that are listed below:

1. Travel Information Directory by Topic- this is a database of travel information that is divided into topics.

2. Travel Photos- a large collection of photos from around the world. There are nearly 1,500 photos indexed in this section of the site, and it grows by the day.

3. Travel Blog- the daily diary/ journal/ travelogue of my travels. Herein are travel stories, travel tips, interesting anecdotes, and advice for other travelers to learn from.

4. Travel and Country Information- Travel information that is divided by country headings. This is so far the least developed part of the site.

5. Travel Questions- A fast growing section of Vagabond where I answer questions from readers.

Please look at the Site Map to browse almost all of the pages of Vagabond

Stats on Website Visitors and Page Views-

This is the "proof is in the pudding" documentation that my website building skills and SEO knowledge has grow greatly throughout the course of my studies. Please read the following data and click on the links below to check out how much traffic my sites received at the beginning of the semester and how much they get now:

Traffic pattern graph- This is the record of my traffic from the beginning of the semester in September of 2007 to May 2008. This is probably the most important statistic because it shows that my efforts are slowly growing to fruition. My goal was to attract traffic to my sites, and this shows that I have learned a little of how to do it.

General overview- the numbers on how many visitors and page views that I am getting per day, per hour, and weekly.

Traffic for past month- a summary of how many visits and page views my sites received during the past 30 days.

At the beginning of the semester in September of 2007 my average daily traffic was around 26 visitors a day. In less than eight months I have raised my daily visitors to around 600. I think that I have done well.

Early Websites:

To judge the progress that I have made in my website construction project please take a look at my earlier sites and compare them to Vagabond I have learned a lot this semester.

Cancion del Vagabundo- this was my first website, and the one that I began the fall 2007 semester working on. I must say that I feel a little nostalgic about it.

Traveler Guide- this is another early site that I made during the course of the fall 2007.

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Website Construction Independent Study

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