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GNYC 424 Independent Study: Travel Writing 5.0

In this course I will explore in depth the practice travel writing and web-based publishing through the medium of the travel oriented weblog. I will engage this study through writing, maintaining, as well as promoting the Vagabond Journey Travel Blog as well as publishing other travel stories and anecdotes on other websites. The content of this travel blog will consist of place descriptions, travel tips, inter-personal communications, discussions of travel related topics, and other events which take place which effects, adds to, or alters my perception of the regions that I travel through. In the beginning of this course, I will live and travel around Morocco, and during the second half of the semester I will travel by bicycle through Portugal. I will also enrich this investigation by communicating with other travel bloggers through reading, commenting, and building upon their work in an attempt to carry out a continual dialogue between travel writers (which will be documented through comments on my own and other travelerís blogs). Track backs (through comments on other blogs) and other SEO techniques will also factor heavily in this course.

Travel Stories:

Erik the Broken Hearted- Story that I wrote in Meknes, Morocco about a perilous journey up a Nicaraguan volcano. 

Article and Interview with Loren Everly- Story about my travels in Mongolia and China with Loren Everly and an interview.

Restaurant Reviews:

Restaurant in Rabat Morocco Review

Restaurant in Meknes Morocco Review

Foreigner Nickname Collection Project:

Traveler Nickname collection project- This is a project that I am working on with Andy the Hobo Our intention is to collect nicknames for travelers or foreigners in all countries and languages. We are collecting words such as farang, gaijin, gringo, and waiguoren, as well as their background information, utilization, and implications behind their use. If you know any such words please email them to or put them directly on Hobo Traveler's Nicknames for Foreigners page. Be sure to submit in the country page of the term's origin.

Terms that I have researched and published on Hobo
Nicaraguan Nickname for Foreigner- Chele
Chile Nickname for Foreigner- Franchute
China Nickname for Foreigner- Laowai
China Nickname for Foreigner- Waiguoren
China Nickname for Foreigner- Houzi and Laomaozi
China Nickname for Foreigner- Chang Bizi and Xiongmao
Laos Nickname for Foreigner- Kii Nock and Pome Sii Dang
Thailand Nickname for Foreigner- Farang (Falang)
Spain Nickname for Foreigner- Guiri

Travel Blog Posts:

Travel blog posts from the beginning of the fall 2007 semester to May of 2008. Countries are delineated by headings, so if you just want to to the Morocco, Portugal, or France sections you can scroll down and find them easily.

May 2008 - Guatemala:

The Joy of Traveling- A letter from my aunt reveals that she is riding high on the sea of life at the age of 40.

Example Traveler- Watched a girl wash her laundry by hand, wrote a blog post about it.

Hobo Names on Hobo Traveler- (on Blogger) Register your own hobo name and get full usage of

Don't Touch the Electric Shower- Travel Tip #12 about the dangers of the electric shower head.

April 2008 - Guatemala:

Up Pacaya Volcano- The simply journey up to a lava flow coming out of the Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala.

My Early Travels- A quick impression of my travels before Song of the Open Road.

Backpacking is Dead-Long Live the Backpacker- Thoughts about backpacking and the ever changing face of travel.

Under the Radar in Antigua- About the balance that a little bit of work a day brings and on the virtue of saying no.

Raising a Travel Website Child- The growing pangs, woes, and excitements of raising a travel website. 

Carhartt Work Boots for Travel- A post about the boots that cover my feet as I travel down the Open Road.

Travel Sickness in Guatemala- Sick again, fever dreams, don't know why. Travel Sickness. Antigua, Guatemala.

Dirty French Men and Courtship- Getting some tips on how not to court a girl from New Zealand.

Hippies in San Pedro, Guatemala- A hippy town on the other side of Lake Atitlan where drink, drugs, and "freedom" flow.

Immigrating to the USA- The glory land at the end of the rainbow is a lot of work.

Boat Travel on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala- Working the hustlers of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

Hotel Webpages on Hobo How to live in hotels for free. Panajachel, Guatemala.

The Battle of Ahorita- Standing my ground and getting a shower. San Pedro, Guatemala.

Free Hotel in Santiago Atitlan- How I stayed for free in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala.

New Travel Blog- Why I am moving away from blogging systems. San Pedro, Guatemala.

  • Bus from Antigua to Panajachel
  • Travel Work Skills
  • Fishermen of Halong Bay Vietnam
  • Tibetan Refugees in India Photos
  • I meet the Hobo Traveler
  • Antigua Guatemala Market Photos
  • Lady The Female Travel Guide
  • Cheap Food in Antigua Guatemala
  • Guatemala Photos
  • On the Benefit of Animal Noises
  • Photographs from Antigua Guatemala
  • Afro-Caribbean Music in Antigua Guatemala
  • Photographs from Antigua Guatemala
  • Under the Wing of the Hobo Traveler
  • Travel Tip 11- No More Shampoo
  • Dancing Pharmacist in Antigua Guatemala
  • Travel to Guatemala from Honduras

    March 2008 - Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica:

    February 2008 - Costa Rica, Panama:

    January 2008 - Costa Rica, USA, Morocco, France:

    December 2007 - France, Portugal:

    November 2007 - Portugal:

    October 2007 - Portugal, Gibraltar, Spain, Morocco:

    September 2007 - Morocco, USA:


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