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Journalism Independent Study (4 credits)

Course description from learning plan:

Wade studied journalism as an independent writing project. He wrote a variety of articles related to his travel experiences and to the history and social and cultural contexts of the Morocco, France, and Portugal. Wade made the distinction between travel writing and journalism by giving particular attention to content of his articles, style and intended audience. His work is documented through his articles and an introductory essay.

This course will also consist of carrying out a journalism internship with Café Abroad magazine, and all of the duties that this entails: writing articles, restaurant reviews, work on city guides, as well as writing and editing unsolicited articles for various other magazines, such as Glimpse Magazine, and Abroad View. I will also focus on various aspects of preparing articles for publication, such as editing, revising, altering content, and shorting articles to meet the demands of publishers. Throughout all of this I will work closely with my editors and obtain a taste of what it is like to work as a professional journalist.

Articles published in print magazines:

Scorched Earth: Coming of Age in War-Torn Guatemala- Magazine piece about the Guatemala Civil War that was published in the April 2008 edition of Cafe Abroad Magazine. 

The Other Side of the Wall- Article about graffiti artists and street art in Portugal that was published by Cafe Abroad Magazine.

In Search of a Japanese Tattoo- Story about pursuing a traditional Japanese tattoo that was published by Glimpse Magazine.

Seekers of in a Land of No Return- Investigation into the current state and status of Tibetan Refugees at the Bylakuppe camp in India. Published by Abroad View Magazine, spring 2008.

Of Cocks and Men- A tale of love and glory, of man's pride and man's weakness- a story of cocks and men. To be published in Cafe Abroad's September 2008 edition (still in the preparation phase).

Articles published in online magazines:

Desert Queen in Men's Clothing- An article about Isabelle Eberhardt that was published by Cafe Abroad online.

Interview about Isabelle Eberhardt - An interview with the anthropologist, Kathleen Modrowski about Isabelle Eberhardt.

Interview with me on Travel An experience of being on the other side of the interviewing process.

Raw interviews for articles:

Interview with a Guatemalan Refugee- The raw interview that made up the Scorched Earth story for Cafe Abroad Magazine.

Interview with the Portuguese Graffiti Artist, Mr. Dheo- Interview for article about Portuguese graffiti.

Interview with Portuguese Graffiti Artist, Eskema- Interview for article about Portuguese graffiti.

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Journalism Independent Study

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