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Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus

Student : Wade Shepard
Advisor: Kathleen Modrowski
Date: January 17, 2007 Semester: Fall 2007


GNYC 101 Introduction to French 3.0
GNYC 420 Independent Study: Journalism 4.0

GNYC 424 Independent Study: Travel Writing 5.0
GNYC 130 Website Construction 3.0
GNYC 430 Area Studies : Morocco 3.0

LEARNING PLAN AND COURSE DESCRIPTIONS (The updated learning plan summary. Specify the distribution of credit category, course title, and number of credits, followed by a brief description of the learning activity and the requirements for credit.)


GNYC 101 Introduction to French 3.0

Wade studied French in Morocco and in France with private instructors, through on-line courses and by immersion in French-speaking cultures. In Meknes, Morocco he had eleven lessons with instructor Abdul. In France he studied with JessieAnne Gostling. His work is documented in written exercises, instructor evaluations and essays on the lessons. In this course I will investigate the basics of the French language in an attempt to obtain the ability to travel in French speaking countries. This course will be sectioned into two parts:

Part A: 11 hours of class instruction with a Moroccan French language instructor.

Part B: Written exercises through online resources.

GNYC 420 Independent Study: Journalism 4.0

Wade studied journalism as an independent writing project. He wrote a variety of articles related to his travel experiences and to the history and social and cultural contexts of the Morocco, France, and Portugal. Wade made the distinction between travel writing and journalism by giving particular attention to content of his articles, style and intended audience. His work is documented through his articles and an introductory essay.

This course will also consist of carrying out a journalism internship with Café Abroad magazine, and all of the duties that this entails: writing articles, restaurant reviews, work on city guides, as well as writing and editing unsolicited articles for various other magazines, such as Glimpse Magazine, and Abroad View. I will also focus on various aspects of preparing articles for publication, such as editing, revising, altering content, and shorting articles to meet the demands of publishers. Throughout all of this I will work closely with my editors and obtain a taste of what it is like to work as a professional journalist.


GNYC 424 Independent Study: travel Writing 5.0

In this course I will explore in depth the practice travel writing and web-based publishing through the medium of the travel oriented weblog. I will engage this study through writing, maintaining, as well as promoting the Vagabond Journey Travel Blog as well as publishing other travel stories and anecdotes on other websites. The content of this travel blog will consist of place descriptions, travel tips, inter-personal communications, discussions of travel related topics, and other events which take place which effects, adds to, or alters my perception of the regions that I travel through. In the beginning of this course, I will live and travel around Morocco, and during the second half of the semester I will travel by bicycle through Portugal. I will also enrich this investigation by communicating with other travel bloggers through reading, commenting, and building upon their work in an attempt to carry out a continual dialogue between travel writers (which will be documented through comments on my own and other traveler’s blogs). Track backs (through comments on other blogs) and other SEO techniques will also factor heavily in this course.

GNYC 130 Website Construction 3.0

In this course I will investigate how to construct a website as well as ways to promote it through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies. I will construct multiple websites, with Vagabond being the cumulation of learning. I will promote this site through SEO techniques, and record my progress in terms of daily visitors and page views. The Search Engine Optimization strategies will be learned through various online sources, direct instruction from knowledgeable webmasters (Andy Graham, Nathan Richards, and the text SEO for Dummies. This course will be documented through the quality of the websites themselves, as well as how my unique visitors and page impressions they receive throughout the semester (which will prove that what I am doing is working). Detailed statistics will be kept as to the number of website visitors, locations of visitors, as well as directory rankings that my sites receive. A log of the SEO strategies that I use, as well as how they perform will supplement my documentation of this course.

GNYC 430 Area Studies : Morocco 3.0

This course is designed to provide me with an insight into Moroccan culture and contemporary issues. I will write articles and essays documenting my learning.

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Global College LIU Learning Plan

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