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12 Amazing destinations for student travel with cheap air tickets

Seeing the world is the dream of many people. If you’re a student and think that traveling isn’t affordable for you, the following list will help you change your mind.


Youth is the time to do reckless things; otherwise, you’ll regret the wasted time. Getting new knowledge is important, and it’s the reason why you enter college. However, if you’ll spend all your free time in your dorm room, doing your assignments and will put any ideas away for later, you’ll hardly consider this time the best in your life. The mountain of homework is easy to deal with if you know a reliable academic writing service where you can order any college assignment and get a high grade for it.

Benefit from this time to the max. You may be surprised, but being a student is the best time to travel. Work, children, and family don’t burden you. The opinion that traveling is expensive is outdated and wrong. Explore the list of the cheapest tourist destinations in the world, gather your friends, and buy the tickets immediately.

  • Hungary

The bathhouses in Budapest are world-famous and attract thousands of people every year. Old quarters and numerous monumental constructions will delve you into the history of this fantastic country.

  • Vietnam

You had hardly heard that Vietnam is a popular tourist destination. But it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to see. It’s one of the best cheap student traveling options. The products there are too cheap, so you can take a guided tour without paying a fortune for it.

  • Mongolia

It’s the country with the lowest density of population. You won’t need a lot of money to buy a ticket to Mongolia. Moreover, the majority of the landmarks don’t require you to pay cash at all: for example, dunes in desert, volcanoes, and lakes.

  • Bolivia           

This unique piece of land belongs to cheap places to visit in the world now because it combines different types of terrain. In Bolivia, you can observe the tropical lakes, mountain range, and desert.

  • Estonia

Tallinn is quite a popular tourist destination. If you dreamed of visiting it for a long time, it’s the right moment to book the tickets. Trust your assignments to professionals. Find the service, and leave a simple message “write my essay for me cheap,” get the answer and start packing your bags.

  •  Ireland

The prices of air tickets declined over the latest years, so visiting this beautiful country and trying the world-famous “Guinness” beer is no longer a dream. Many medieval castles may delve you into the atmosphere of the past.

  • Georgia

No matter what part of this country you visit, you’ll be under the impression for a long time. Exciting cities and fascinating nature — it’s what makes people love this place.

  • Mexico

This country is good for students who don’t like crowds. There are not so many tourists, even though Pueblo is a UNESCO heritage site.

  • Honduras

There’s hardly a site that includes this country to the list of the places that must be seen. However, here you may enjoy sandy beaches and scuba diving, paying less money for it than in another popular area.

  • Argentina

The homeland of tango and Diego Maradona – this is how people can describe this country. Despite its popularity, air tickets are relatively cheap, so it lets you visit this beautiful place.

  • Turkey

This country is famous for its cheap all-inclusive hotels, so if you’ve looked for a place to spend your summer holidays, here it is.

  • Serbia

Serbia is a European secret. This country has ancient Belgrade fortress, numerous museums, and numerous nature’s wonders are truly worth seeing.


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