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10 Types Of Apps To Help You Have A Smoother Travel Experience

The apps that you need to travel the world.


Traveling has become an essential part of our lives, whether it is for leisure or business. There are times we find ourselves in unfamiliar places and end up faced with transportation, accommodation, or communication worries. 

Luckily for travelers, mobile technology has changed the way we travel, with a variety of applications designed to meet every need of the journey, from flight tracking to translation apps. These apps have made traveling blues more manageable than ever before. 

In this article, we will look at some of the types of apps that can help you have a smoother travel experience.

1. VPN Apps


ExpressVPN is considered by many to be the best VPN app that travelers can use to smoothen their traveling experience. It is famous for its extraordinary security, speed, and performance and is further held high up on the rankings due to its user-friendly interface and sturdy encryption protocols. 


NordVPN is well known for its superior encryption features, which ensure maximum security for users, even on public Wi-Fi networks, the kind you will find at most airports near you.

CyberGhost VPN 

CyberGhost VPN ensures a secure internet connection while protecting your privacy. It enables you to access geo-restricted content while on the move.

2. Flight Tracking Apps


For those looking for the best airfare price bargains,  Hopper is the way to go. It uses big data and predictive analysis to help travelers find the cheapest flights or flight price drop information so that you can buy your tickets when they are the cheapest. You can use Hopper to find the cheapest flights and then book your flights directly with the airline if you are not interested in third parties, or you can also book your flights with Hopper for a certain commission fee. 


Skyscanner is a search engine that helps you to look for flights, car hiring services, and hotels, all in one place. You can compare flight fares and other traveling expenses, but you will have to book directly with the service provider once you are satisfied with your choices. Things like flight confirmation emails and any other information related to the flight will be provided by the airline you booked with.

3. Navigation Apps

Google Maps 

Google Maps helps travelers navigate unfamiliar cities or roads, find places of interest, and avoid traffic. With over 220 countries mapped, it is very convenient as it also comes with an offline map in case you find yourself without an internet connection. 


When you find yourself in an unfamiliar city, you can use Citymapper to help you navigate public transportation, like buses, trains, and the like, in all the major transit cities worldwide. Citymapper is one of its kind as it also provides routes for pedestrians and those who are mobility impaired.


Rome2rio makes your travel from point A to point B easy by searching any landmarks, cities, or addresses all over the world, giving you different routes for your convenience. It gives you flight, bus, ferry, car, and train options available to you, with estimated travel times and costs, making traveling near effortless.

4. Translation Apps

Google Translate

When visiting foreign countries where English might not be a universal language, communication might become very difficult because of language barriers. Google Translate can be of much help in these situations as it has text and speech translation. It also translates images in real time, which can help translate menus and signs.


iTranslate has voice, text, camera, keyboard, and offline translation services that make your life easier when traveling internationally. You can just start speaking on your phone, and iTranslate will translate your words into a language of your choice, making it easy for the next person to understand your request. Even if you do not have an internet connection, iTranslate can work offline for some languages.


Although it is not a translation app, Duolingo has a functional translator, which can be useful in communicating with a native speaker. Duolingo teaches users basic phrases for many languages, which help in things like greetings and asking for directions. 

5. Accommodation Booking 


Airbnb is a very good app for travelers looking to stay in unique accommodations or fully immerse themselves in the local experience. It offers everything from simple rooms to expensive accommodations to fit your budget. Besides accommodation, travelers can also book tours and workshops through Airbnb, giving them activities to do and a place to stay. 


Booking.com offers flexible booking services such as the ‘book now and pay at the property’ services, which means that when you book, you are not obligated to pay instantly. They provide bookings for accommodations such as motels, hotels, guesthouses, and many more at prices that are just right for you. 

6. Currency Converters

XE Currency

One challenge that almost every traveler faces is converting currencies. XE Currency provides real-time exchange rates for every imaginable currency in the world, ensuring that travelers are not short-changed when they make currency conversions. 

7. Local Transport 


If you are not a fan of public transport, having an Uber app is very handy. It is convenient and offers promotions from time to time, which can help you save on your trip. If you are traveling as a family, you can request an Uber XL, which accommodates more people.


Depending on the region you are visiting, Lyft offers different ways to get from point to point, ranging from cars, bikes, scooters, and more. Whether you need a car to get to your destination quickly or a bicycle to take in the beautiful scenery leisurely, Lyft is there for you with cost-effective solutions. 

8. Travel Organizers


When traveling, there is a lot of information related to your journey that will be in different places, like confirmation emails or SMS. Instead of having it all over the place, TripIt organizes it all in one place for your convenience. Depending on what you want, sending your confirmation emails to TripIt will make it create a new itinerary for you or add the information to an existing trip. 


TripCase is an app that makes it easy for travelers to access, manage, and organize their trips by giving complete and up-to-date trip information. On arriving at their destinations, travelers can access information relevant to their itinerary, such as hotel directions, etc. However, not all reservations will be displayed as the app only shows tickets and invoices for reservations made through TripCase’s Sabre-affiliated agencies and airlines.

9. Restaurant and Dining 


Yelp gives you a list of a variety of service providers like restaurants, hotels, dentists, and gyms. You can make reservations at restaurants or order a take-out at the best-rated food outlets. Customer reviews can help you make a decision quickly.


TripAdvisor acts as a guide on hotels, restaurants, and other businesses for travelers based on customer reviews. It helps travelers find the best places to eat near their location and make restaurant bookings with a free cancelation policy. 

10. Weather Apps


Traveling can be daunting when you are suddenly faced with a change in weather you were not prepared for. Having an app like AccuWeather at your fingertips enables you always to be prepared for different weather conditions. It offers a free weather forecast with weather alerts. Knowing what the weather for the day will be like will help you plan your activities accordingly. 


Technology plays an important part in a traveler’s life. No matter your reasons for traveling, the right apps can make all the difference in making sure that your traveling experience is excellent. Happy traveling. 

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