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10 Things To Avoid When Planning a Field Trip for Students

Field trip is a great way to make students and teachers closer. This article will be helpful for those people who have no experience in planning such trips.

Field trip

Studying in the classroom for the whole year often makes students think that the classroom setting and the outside world are two different dimensions. Moreover, some subjects need to be explained in practice, and if the environment lets you do it, who not use this opportunity? The field trip is an exciting activity for students. If they experience difficulties with understanding each other and show poor results in group work, a field trip isn’t entertainment but a necessity. However, when posing the question “I need help on my math homework”, or similar to this one, students can solve it quite easily, but it doesn’t seem to be easy when it comes to planning a school trip. Explore the list of important things to avoid when designing an educational adventure.


Students are studying and need to take tests and participate in various activities from time to time. It’s impossible simply to decide and go on the trip without aligning it with the curriculum.

Refusal to appoint responsible persons

The teacher shouldn’t do all by himself or herself when planning a field trip for students. Educational institutions claim about their importance in forming the personalities, and teaching responsibility falls under competence.

Inappropriate clothes

Remind students that they are going to nature and not to fashion show; therefore, they should dress to feel convenient and secured. Teachers should also follow these rules.

Disregarding time

Students are always limited on time because of their assignments, even though many of them don’t do the tasks by themselves. A short message, “Do my accounting homework, please!” alleviates their burden. But you should ask each student in a group about a time, discuss it, and define the date that will suit each person.

The absence of funds

There are not so many schools and colleges that can cover the expenses on field trips. Some of your trips may be free at all, but some emergency cash should necessarily be. Ask students about the ways to save money. Those who often use academic writing services, such as Speedypaper, use Speedypaper discount to make it cheaper, so dealing with the trip is a piece of cake for them.

Not telling the parents about the trip

If something goes wrong, the parent’s unawareness of this activity may have negative consequences. Be sure to inform them by phone and be sure that they remember about it and agree to let their children with you.

Not discussing the trip with the students

Several days before the trip, you should gather all students together and make the brief. The main topic you have to touch is what to take on a school field trip. Don’t forget to check the availability of necessary items on a trip day.

Letting everything go

Teachers should organize students in groups and keep an eye on all of them. Don’t let the individuals delay somewhere and get distracted by some things, don’t put your children at risk.

The absence of food

Even if you go on a trip for one day, ask children to have some food with themselves. No one knows how the situation will turn out. That’s why students should be ready for everything.

Forgetting about sharing emergency info

Students should learn how to car for different types of wounds during their studying, and reminding them of this information before a trip should be an integral part of your preparation.

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