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Work Around the World

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Introduction to working around the world

The traveler who wants to stay on the road for a long time has two possible options: 1. The first option is to come from money. This is the ideal of course. 2. The second option is to find work that will create an income stream to fund your travels. Most of us are forced to resort to this option.

Opportunities to work while traveling

Let’s consider various opportunities that allow for world travel:

  1. Teaching English as a foreign language
  2. Become certified as an international teacher and find work with an American School overseas.
  3. Offer Guide Service to other tourists and travelers
  4. Work in Hostels
  5. Work Bars
  6. Become a Trader
  7. Become an Archaeologist
  8. Work on Farms

Teach English Abroad

There are plenty of opportunities to travel the world as an English teacher.

Become an international teacher

Work in the schools of your home country abroad. There is plenty of work for a certified international teacher to work in the schools of their countries foreign service abroad.

[This section is a stub. If you work as an international teacher please contribute information here.]

Work as a tour guide

[This section is a stub. If you have worked as a tour guide abroad please contribute information here on how to do it.]

Work in hostels

Working or trading for accommodation in hostels is a way to save money while traveling.

In Central America and across Europe I would upload pages to Hobohideout.com for hotels in exchange for free accommodation. This trade would get me one to two weeks of a free place to stay. For more information on how to do this, visit Hobohideout traveling webmasters.

Another way to trade labor for free accommodation is to agree to work a few hours a day in a hostel in exchange for a dorm bed. There are various roles that you can fill.

  1. Work as a receptionist or cleaner offer to work a few hours a day doing hostel chores for your bed. It is music to a hostel owners ears to hear that you are offering them free labor.
  2. Improve the hostel environment — Major hostels often rely on their online ratings and recommendations from other travelers. To try to keep their ratings high — and the business coming in — many try to create a fun atmosphere for their guests. It is not uncommon for hostels to offer “amiable” travelers a free place to stay if they help out entertaining the guests. Offering to take the guests out on nightly pub crawls is often enough to land you a free bed for a few weeks.

[If you have ever worked in a hostel abroad please contribute information here.]

Work in bars

[If you have ever worked internationally in a bar, please contribute information on how to do this here]

Travel and work as a trader

Traders have moved goods and products from one locale to another from the dawn of time. The Silk Road, the spice route, the grass equator etc. have all been plied by men traveling from region to region hoping to make a buck in the process. Certain cultures such as the Greeks, Phoenicians, Dutch, Armenians , and Cantonese have become synonymous with trading.

The best traders not only travel the world but build fortunes and connect cultures in the process.  Some forms of trading require travel (import/export) while others  allow it (stock and futures trading). Either way trading is a profession well suited for the young vagabond who wants to travel indefinitely.

Work as an archaeologist

Archaeology fieldwork is a good way to travel, make a decent wage, and have many of your expenses paid for you.

Work on farms

[Add more info here]

(ok that gets the topic started, please help flesh this out by adding info to categories above or creating new categories altogether. comments are appreciated. g.)

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