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What Happens if I Overstay My UK Visa

What is the penalty for overstaying a UK visa?


It seems that if you overstay your visa in the UK that you will more than likely that you could be barred from entering again for an unspecified amount of time.

But my question to you is, why do you think that you only got a seven day visa? Does it say that you can only stay for seven days in your passport? Is it written in somewhere, does it say “transit” anywhere?

The fact that your visa stamp says, “leave to enter for/until 6 months- No work or recourse to public funds,” is completely standard, this is what a regular 180 day tourist visa usually says.

If your passport has a note written in it that says that you can only stay for seven days, or has “transit” written below the visa stamp, what I would do is go to the nearest immigration office and explain the situation, show your exit air ticket, your itinerary, and try to get it extended for the full 180 days or however long you need it for. This seems like an issue that could be straightened out easily.

Don’t worry about entering Germany, the passage that  is stamped into your passport which accompanies your UK tourist visa is completely standard. To prove it, below is a photo of a UK entrance stamp in my old passport.

If you have any other questions, just ask them in the comment form below. Please let us know what happens.



Original question about overstaying a UK visa

Hi I was just wondering what would happen if i overstayed my UK visa for 7 days? They only gave me a 7 day visa because i forget to bring my itenary with me so i had no dates on when i was going home or any bank statements to prove i could support myself while i stayed in the UK. They still let me in but only for one week. After this i go to germany and im kinf of worried that they wont let me enter as the UK have stamped my passport with “leave to enter for/until 6 months- No work or recourse to public funds. I have money but the statements were in my suitcase along with my it itenary stupid thing to do i know but it was my last night in amsterdam and i was still very drunk the next day when i got to the airport. I also fly out of london to go home. Will they let me transit there to get my flight home?

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