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Western NY Christmas

Had Christmas with family. I always try to be around Westen NY at this time of year, it is just a real happy time, lots of laughing and story telling. It also shows me that I have a place and a culture in which I am (almost) a part. I suppose that this is what is meant by home.

I have began to notice the yearly cycles that I have happenstancially been following. I tend to get a very strong urge to leave around mid-January and then again in the middle of May. This seems to be without logical basis….I just need a drastic change. I need to jump not cities nor countries but continents to feel content. I tend to listen to the Rooster and when he says run, I run.

The season of Archaeology is finished and I am pleased. I will try to find different work the next time I need to make up some bean money. It is just real easy to keep doing field work- it spurs on constant travel, living expenses are covered, and it pays a decent wage. But much can be gained through work other than bean money. Many of the hows of living can be learned through employment and I feel that it is way past time to increase my knowledge of the practical. I think that after five years of Archaeological fieldwork I have pretty much been saturated.

I recieved my invitation letter to apply for a year long student (X) visa for China. I now just need to get all the paperwork together and send it to a courior to take it to a consulate.

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