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Welcome Back Central America Readers

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ANTIGUA, Guatemala- A travelogue is like a very long book with many different chapters and volumes. A country is a chapter, a region is a volume. Some readers just read a chapter or two, some stay on for a volume, while some read the entire work as it unfolds.

Obviously, in my megalomaniac daydreams I would prefer for every reader to read this entire travelogue from the beginning up until the most recent entries and keep on going — some do, and they become real friends that I have communication with daily, friends that I can share opinions with, get opinions, and fight with like a couple of scrappy siblings (Caitlin).

Welcome back to Central America

Though I have found that most readers read by volume. It is like walking up to a shelf of encyclopedias, you browse the spines and pick out the volumes that have chapters that interest you.  Only an interesting character would start reading the encyclopedia from A and make their way down to Z. Likewise, I expect readers to hop on the bus for a while and then jump off when I past their destination.

So long, Joe, it was nice knowing ya . . .

When I go between regions of the world I notice that I get many new readers who have a personal interest in the region I am in — when I leave it and go to another region, they seem to stop reading. Or, they apparently stop reading, as I can only gauge the people reading this by their comments or email.

But when I return to a region of the world that I have previously traveled through and published travelogue entries from, I have found that many old readers return. Or at least they begin commenting or sending emails again. They jump back on the bus.

Welcome back, it has been a little lonely around here without ya . . .

So I now welcome back the Central America readers.

I have noticed that many former readers who were along for my previous travels through this region are coming back, and I welcome you wholeheartedly — it is good to have you along. Please continue to offer your feedback, comments, and suggestions on traveling in this region of the world that you seem to know well. This is what makes this travelogue, in the words of Motorcycle Bob, “an almost family affair.”

From Antigua, it seems as if we are either going to Panajachel or going to start out for Belize today.

I have never been to Belize, it is a country that I snubbed on my two previous times of traveling in Central America. Now I want to see what is there — though there is a cost/ benefit ratio that is digging its claws into my hide and making me think a little more than usual about choosing what road I take at this intersection.

But within two weeks to one month, we should work our way to El Salvador, where it is looking like we are going to find an apartment in the countryside for a couple of months.

If you have any tips or suggestions on cheap places to stay in Belize, they would be appreciated — the country seems to be incredibly expensive.

Welcome back Central America readers.

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