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Volunteer at the Ngöbe-Buglé in Soloy, Panama

Ngöbe-Buglé is a county in Panamá were the indigenous Ngöbe and Buglé live. There is an inexpensive way of visiting them through the Medo project.

Medo is a small grassroots organization, named after a Ngobe-Bugle hero to promote the sustainable development of the District of Besiko, by recruiting specialized international volunteers to empower community members with educational programs and to collaborate with community groups and organizations on projects in the areas of education, health, environment, and culture promotion.

They run a ecotourism program http://medo.awardspace.com/visit.htm where they rent cabins for $5, they also run lots of inexpensive activities like guided hikes to the waterfalls or horsaback riding $10

To get there you need to take a bus to Soloy from nearby David $2.50 and ask for Medo house.

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