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View of the End of the Earth Petra Jordan

View of the End of the Earth Petra Photos    View of the End of the Earth Petra Pictures

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Number three on a mountain peak in Petra. We came to name this baby "Petra." So this is a photograph of Petra in Petra.

View from "The end of the earth" in Petra. It just looked like a bunch of rocks to me.

View of the end of the earth.

Tourists in Petra also looking for the end of the earth.

Old tourist with a camera in Petra.

View of the End of the Earth Petra

German tourist arguing about the price of silver jewelry in Petra. The "Bedouin" jewelry that the Bedouins sell to tourist is predominately junk. Though some of
it sells cheap.

Petra in Chaya’s belly in Petra.

Camels in Petra.

Donkeys running in Petra. These are pack donkeys used to transport fat tourists
to the sites. Poor donkeys.

Pack donkeys in Petra. A teenage white girl from the USA yelled at this boy for how he treated
his group of donkeys. Apparently, she was not aware of the fact that a person gets a donkey to move by smacking it on the rear. "You can’t hit the donkeys!"
she yelled. It really blew the boy’s mind.

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