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Vagabond Journey.com On Hold

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Vagabond Journey.com On Hold

I was working diligently on the Vagabond Journey.com site one day when Mira walked up behind me, look over my shoulder at what I was doing, stood there for a moment thinking, and said something to the effect of:

“You and your friends (meaning Andy, Nath, and Loren) spend a lot of time working on your websites. [pause] They seem to be doing a lot better than you are.”

I looked at Mira, looked at the Vagabond Journey.com site, looked back at Mira, and then realized that she was right. It is true, my website is not very good. In fact, it looks like crap.

Oh well, it will get better one of these days I know, but for now I do not think that I have the time to really put into it. I am on the Road almost constantly, I have an few archaeology projects to do in Central and South America this year, and I also want to continue developing Song of the Open Road and my other travel blogs. There is simply too much that I need to know that I don’t. Learning this stuff takes time . . . lots of time. I only know basic HTML code, and my web editing program (Kompozer) is either not very good, or I am missing something big. I know that I need to sit down for a couple of weeks and really learn how to construct a site from scratch . . . or get a good copy of Dreamweaver hehehe.

But I live on the Road, and my deep dark pit of projects is almost filled to the top. Things are going well, I am really busy. I want the Vagabond Journey.com site to be my baby, my big place on the internet. But right now, it is just not getting there very smoothly.

Maybe websites are like girlfriends. They take a lot of time, love, and energy. There are always problems and things that need attention. You must really love a woman to be with her for a long time. It is too easy to walk away otherwise. The same can be said of websites. Right now, I think it is time for Vagabond Journey.com and I to take a break. We are not breaking up, just putting our affair on hold for a while. There are just too many problems to stay together right now. I think we both need to be alone for a couple months to think about where we stand.

So for the next few months I am going to put the site on hold. I moved some of the sections of the Vagabond Journey.com over to blogs (Vagabond Fieldnotes.com, Cheap Eating Traveler.com) and the rest is just going to stand as is until I can catch up with myself. I will be continually adding content to the site whenever I get a chance, but I am not going to fuss about making it look pretty. It will just serve as a storage area for future projects. For now, I am going to think of the site as a red-shirted college football player. I am going to keep adding to it, but I do not plan on letting it play in the games for another year or so.

If you want to read a site with raw travel information, than please feel free to keep visiting it. But, for now at least, I cannot keep up with it. I must slow down the pace until I learn the basics of website construction so that I do not have to keep doing everything over and over again. Vagabond Journey.com is way too fast of a runner for me. It is time to take a rest. In a few months we will be back on the marathon trail for good. So long, old pal, we will run together again soon!

Down the Road, down the Road.

Wade from:
Traveler Photographs.com
Vagabond Fieldnotes.com
Cheap Eating Traveler.com

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