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United Kingdom Visa

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Reader questions about UK visa

What do do after overstaying UK visa
Oh MG….I really did not know the visa was 6mos…I assumed it was a year..I came 30yrs ago it was a year I stayed 2 weeks…So I came here last March and have not left to other countries since last May to Germany. My daughter is military and deployed. I have been housesitting. She is coming back but to Germany and wants me to come with her after she comes here to finish packing..I am retired and wanted to go .My son will be stationed in Italy in June…He is currently in Afghanistan..I wanted to visit him there in Italy after he gets back..I think I really screwed this up.. Anyway I can salvage not getting banned for this? What can I do? If I get on a plane to U.S. will they catch it?..If I take the tunnel from calais will they arrest me? ..Wow..Idiot Abroad.in the U.K.

That is unfortunate. I would say that the only think that you can do is just exit the UK normally and hope for the best. The UK and the Schengen zone (the immigration region of Germany and Italy) are different, so if you are banned from the UK for the overstay it, officially, should not play a part in your ability to enter mainland Europe (though there is a small chance it could). Ultimately, the UK will probably just tell you that you can’t re-enter for a certain amount of time as you are going through exit immigration — maybe they will put a big X or something stupid over their exit stamp in your passport. I would say book a flight to a country in mainland Europe that is NOT German or Switzerland for best results — or just cross over to France. If you do this, your entry to mainland Europe should not be impeded.

Does time in UK count towards Schengen total?
If an Australian wants to fly into Paris but fly home from London, how long can they stay for? Does the 90 day rule still apply?

The UK and the Schengen region are completely different immigration zones. So you get 90 days for France and most of mainland Europe and should recieve 6 months in the UK.

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