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Trespass – Tico Adventure Trousers Review

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Trespass – Tico Adventure Trousers £39.95

Now call me suspicious, when I first saw these trousers in my local Trespass Store I thought they were the Bear Grylls Adventure Trousers. They do I think you will agree look suspiciously alike, or it could be that these offerings from Trespass are not at all influenced by the fame and fortune of Bear Grylls, but I doubt it.

That said if these are a good copy of the Adventure Trousers for £20 less then I’m all for it!

As you may be able to tell from my other reviews I do not like to pay full price! So in my normal fashion when I saw these discounted to £20 in my size I shoulder barged the shopper idling browsing the rack and grabbed them.

The technical Specs certainly look good:

  • An active fit for climbing, walking, adventure trouser.
  • Stretch panels on knees and rear allow for full range of leg movement in all environments.
  • Trespass QuickDry fabric
  • Constructed with Flat Waist and Side Elastic
  • Stretch Panels On Knees & Upper Back Section
  • Front Fly Opening
  • Side Ankle Zips
  • 7 Pockets

[adsense]Now before we discuss these trousers in detail we must first get past something. The looks! I’m sorry but when I wear these trousers I feel very self concious. Off the beaten track they are admired by passers by who praise me on my Quick Dry fabric, but in the local shop I feel all eyes drawn the the big black stretch panels around my rear end. It may be that this happens all the time and I only notice it when I wear these trousers, but when I’m in a shop or high street I’m sure people are looking at me. I can’t help thinking that a different choice of colour may help this situation, but as it is this is the only colour choice and I think that’s a shame. I know that many of you will say that functionality is far more important than looks with trousers for this purpose and I agree, however I do find that if a garment makes you self concious you are less likely to pack them, zipped pockets or not.

That really my only complaint on these trousers though. The technology involved is excellent. Trespass’s QuickDry fabric does exactly what it says it should. I have worn these in a torrential downpour and then half an hour later they were dry. The stretch panels whilst not exactly attractive are very effective. Just as you feel the trousers start to tighten as you climb a log or jump a stream the stretch panels come into play and the tightness you normally get in these circumstances never comes.

The Good and the Bad of Trespass – Tico


  • Quick Dry Fabric that actually works
  • Stretch panels are effective and well placed
  • Very comfortable even on hot days and whilst drying off after rain
  • Good value
  • Trouser hems are big enough to fit over decent boots
  • Shopping around will save on the list price
  • Durability (mine have had a hammering!)


  • Looks
  • Pockets whilst numerous can be fiddly with no cargo pockets. External pockets would of been better.

In Summary

Trespass always seem to produce a decent product for a decent price. These trousers are no exception and despite my vanity they are a good pair of travel/adventure trousers. They are surprisingly tough which I did not expect as the fabric feels rather thin but mine have been scuffed and caught in thorns and survived many miles of walks with no ill effects. I do think something that most manufacturers need to realise is that pockets are important. We need lots of them! It is fair to say the more pockets you have the more stuff you will take but I really would like to make the decision for myself. The addition of a map or cargo pocket would really make a difference to these trouser’s overall appeal.


If you are looking for a reasonably priced pair of trousers for rough trekking and hiking (and people staring at your rear) then these are a very good offering and are well worth considering.

Available direct from Trespass

By Rich Poulter

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