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Travel Writing

  • Ghost Cities of China Can Now be Pre-Ordered from Amazon Ghost Cities of China Book Cover

    Ghost Cities of China is can now be pre-ordered through Amazon. This is what I've been working on for the past two years.

  • Why Convenience Stores are Ground Zero for the Traveling Writer A 7-Eleven in the middle of the countryside on Kinmen, Taiwan

    It may seem an unlikely place to want to spend time when traveling, but hanging around convenience stores like 7-Eleven is one of the best ways to meet people and learn about a culture.

  • Vagabond Journey’s Top 10 Stories of 2014 cropped-iran-photo-sunset.jpg

    The best stories on Vagabond Journey in 2014.

  • How to Make Money as a Traveling Writer or Journalist Travel writing

    Making money as a traveling writer isn't as obvious as it at first make seem. Follow the dual approach of dividing work from art, make ends meet, develop your skills, and establish yourself. Here's how.

  • Ghost Cities of China to Come Out in April 2015 Ghost Cities of China Book Cover

    My first book, Ghost Cities of China, is set to come out in April of 2015. It's being published in Zed Books' Asian Arguments series.

  • Why I Go to Trade Fairs travel blog business card

    Trade shows can provide travelers with a goldmine of information about the country they're in and the road ahead.

  • Interview: Tom Coote on Traveling in West Africa and the Reality of Modern Travel Writing bankass

    Vagabond Journey caught up with Tom Coote, a long haul travel writer who has visited over 116 countries, for a talk about his new book, West Africa, and the reality of traveling off the written word.

  • The Ultimate Travel Writing Device Goes Extinct as Times Change Alphasmart Neo

    Alphasmart writing devices have been clutch tools for a small group of traveling writers and journalists, but times have changed.

  • I Sign My First Book Contract DSCN2884_DCE

    After almost a decade of blogging full time I found myself with my first book deal.

  • Old School Travel Blogging

    I've been blogging for nine years, and this profession has transformed completely since I began. We're going back to our roots: old school travel blogging.

  • The Reality of Being a Travel Writer Means Having Multiple Income Streams

    A guy recently started a conversation with me about being a travel writer. He told me that his sister is an English major in college and that she was thinking about being a travel writer upon graduation. I could hardly hold back a laugh. You can't just become a travel writer like you can become [...]

  • The Postmodern Vagabond: An Interview with Rolf Potts Rolf Potts in Ethiopia

    Rolf Potts has been traveling the world for over 15 years, documenting his experiences and insights for various magazines and websites, as well as in two books: the classic long term travel manual, Vagabonding, and a more recent collection of travel stories, Marco Polo Didn't Go There. Vagabondjourney.com caught up with Rolf to inquire about [...]

  • Da Vinci Was a Good Traveler, He Carried a Notebook

    There is a measure of a good traveler -- or at least one who intends to write -- and that is whether or not he or she carries a notebook at all times, and uses it to jot down observations, thoughts, ideas, and to do lists. I live from my notebooks -- which are often [...]

  • Travel Writing Should Include Both Positive and Negative Experiences

    It is often difficult to communicate the positive and neutral experiences that you've had in a country when there are negatives thrown in as well. Humans perhaps have a propensity to focus on negative statements disproportionately more than positive ones. We seem to just expect tons of positives to be present in published travel writing [...]

  • Freelance Writing to Fund Travels

    Freelance Writing to Live Abroad or to Travel SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS, Mexico- "I will probably write two books and fifty articles this month," Rachael spoke matter of factly while sipping a beer. I raised an eyebrow -- two books and fifty articles in one month? -- and I thought I wrote a lot. [...]

  • Writing Room in Guatemala Jungle

    FINCA TATIN, Guatemala- Four walls of unpainted planks stacked end on end, a corrugated steel roof, and a cement floor is all I need. I have extravagance: I sit on a beer crate and my computer sits on two, we both have luxury. I hear voices coming from far away. Far away is the key [...]

  • Commentators are a Blogs Editors

    SUCHITOTO, El Salvador- There has perhaps never before been such a vast medium of writing in which a person can have thousands and thousands of readers and no editor, no private interests to attend to, no checks, few balances, and, as of now, few hands controlling the strings overhead. As of now, an independent blogger [...]

  • Barolo Interview with Matthew Gavin Frank

    Six months of illegal work -- picking grapes 14 hours a day, sleeping in a tent by night, talking with butchers, vintors, and tough guys the whole time in between --  has cumulated in a book called Barolo, the memoirs of Matthew Gavin Frank's life as vineyard laboror in the Barolo region of Italy. If [...]

  • How to Become a Travel Writer Interview

    How to become a travel writer/ food journalist interview with the author of Barolo, Matthew Gavin Frank. Matthew Gavin Frank writes about food, he writes  about wine. Matthew Gavin Frank travels, too. Combined together, he makes up his bean money as a traveling food journalist. He is also an author, his book, Barolo -- a [...]

  • Travel Writing Helps Traveler Understand World

    SUCHITOTO, El Salvador- I just wrote a travelogue entry where, after writing, I realized that I no longer concurred with my own conclusions. A funny place to be in, I suppose. Something had obviously occurred in between the time that I started writing the piece and the time that I finished: what happened was that [...]

  • Sedona Arizona Earning the Right to Write

    A Lesson in travel writing, earning the right to write -- "Oh! You are going to Sedona??? They have The Energy there," spoke the Hyderbad born owner of the Motel 6 in Payson, Arizona. His eyebrows raise with a mysterious sort of intention as he said "The Energy." "Yes," I replied with a laugh, "and [...]

  • Teaching English and Writing Jobs Abroad

    I’m wondering if you have any advice on where to look for good job opportunities in Turkey,specifically Istanbul.Also,do you have any experience with looking for writing jobs abroad? Hello Kevin, As far as finding work as an English teacher in Turkey the list of opportunities are very long. Multiple schools in nearly every city in [...]

  • Types of Travel Blog Posts Travelogue Entries

    After publishing more than 1,000 entries on this travelogue as I have traveled through more than 40 countries, I have fallen into a standard operating procedure for blogging. Part of this SOP is that I have been observing the different types of travelogue entries that I publish, have started to evaluated their various merits, as [...]

  • How to Take Field Notes When Traveling

    How to take field notes when traveling -- If I want to be able to gather enough information to write about in this travel column -- a.k.a. blog -- daily, I know that I need to take good field note throughout the day, everyday. To do this, a good note taking strategy is needed. This [...]

  • How to be a Travel Writer

    The formula to being a travel writer can be found in the following anecdote: I was sitting on the front porch of the apartment in Bangor Maine just puffing away on a meerschaum pipe and watching the world go by. All of a sudden the world stopped going by: it stood right in front of [...]

  • Money for Travel Writing

    Answers to questions for De Pers Journal interview

    Why are you travelling?

    I travel because this is what I love doing. I travel to learn about the world that I live in and about myself. I travel to meet new people and to learn new things. I travel to be confused, shocked, angered, made happy, frustrated, and entertained. Basically, I travel to feel all of the emotions of life in rapid fire sequence every single day. In one day of travel you can go from feeling overjoyed to feeling lonely to becoming angry to being amazed to making a lifelong friend. I travel to feel alive.

    Most of the great stories from folklore and fiction begin with a journey. Traveling is the grand impetuous for adventure. Travel can make a story just as it can make a person's life. Life is just a great collection of impressions and experiences, and traveling is the best way that I know of to make this collection as large as possible.

  • Travel Book Reviews on Vagabond Journey

    Book Reviews on Vagabond Journey I like reading books. I especially like publishers and authors sending me free books to review. This has happened a few times and I like it. To publishers of travel books: Send them to me, I will write about them on Vagabond Journey.com To meet these ends, I just put [...]

  • How to Publish a Magazine

    How to Publish a MagazineI have often wondered about what goes into self publishing a magazine and how I could start my own little Vagabond press. Perhaps this is a far off, long term goal of mine, but, as the opportunity arose, I conducted the following interview with the managing editor, owner, and co-founder of [...]

  • Ethnography Journalism and Travel Writing

    Ethnography, Journalism, and Travel WritingI am shooting wide of the mark and I know it. I am like a floppy fish bouncing around out of water in New York City.I had a feeling that I would find myself in this position before leaving Eastern Europe, and I am not surprised or too concerned. . . [...]

  • David Lida Interview

    David Lida Interview "And then I realized I had to get out of the house, and walk around the city. I had lived here long enough to clearly identify what I knew and what I didn’t know. I had to be on the street with all of my senses engaged, talking to strangers, going to [...]

  • Herman Melville Pilgrimage

    Pilgrimage for Herman Melville"Faith, like a jackal, feeds among the tombs, and even from these dead doubts she gathers her most vital hope." Herman Melville"It is not down in any map; true places never are." Herman MelvilleI awoke in a dark cave of a room on a Saturday morning and jump to a start, for [...]

  • Mexico City First Stop in the New World

    "Mexico City is poised to be part of the vanguard of this century. Culturally, economically, and politically, it can be seen as the capital of the Spanish-speaking world." -David Lida, First Stop in the New World David Lida's book, First Stop in the New World, is an anecdotal joy ride through Mexico City at street [...]

  • New Travel Strategy Works

    New Travel Strategy Works I think that these past three months of traveling were the most personally enjoyable that I have had in a long time. I am now reflecting on this summer and am realizing how formative it was. -------------- Wade from Vagabond Journey.com in Brooklyn, New York City, USA- September 14, 2008 Travelogue [...]

  • Previous Posts on www.openroadsong.com

    Previous Posts on http://www.vagabondjourney.com/travelogueSo now that you have reached the end of this travelogue, would you like to read more?Well, if so, there are more than 400 other posts written on my first travelogue, Song of the Open Road at http://www.vagabondjourney.com/travelogue. Just click on one of these links, and you can read back three more [...]

  • Eberhardt Novel Vagabond

    Isabelle Eberhardt's Novel, VagabondThe following passage comes from Isabelle Eberhardt's novel Vagabond. It just arrived in the mail yesterday, and it is just what I need to read right now, as I stand on the brink of a new journey, both inside and out. Everything happens when it needs to happen, I thoroughly believe this. [...]

  • Guatemala Civil War Magazine Article

    Guatemala Civil War Magazine Article This is an article that I wrote for Cafe Abroad magazine about the life and trials of a Guatemalan Civil War refugee in Costa Rica. Another $50 in a vagabond's pocket can never be refused. -------------- Wade from Vagabond Journey.com in Upstate NY, USA Travel Photos -------------- Just trying to [...]

  • Lady The Tramp.com Female Travel Guide

    Lady the Tramp.com Female Travel GuideMira, from the former Wanderjahr Jill Travel Blog, has now consolidated her efforts in a new project oriented towards sharing travel knowledge from a female perspective. This new site is called Lady the Tramp and is a travel blog full of ideas, tips, warnings, and suggestions written by female travelers [...]

  • Under the Wing of the Hobo Traveler

    Under the Wing of the Hobo TravelerI sat in awe as the un-conjoined links of what was once my disaster-zone knowledge of web-site construction began to solidify together in a solid chain. One piece smoothly lead into another and I am now starting to see the big picture of websites, SEO, and the internet for [...]

  • Writing for Magazines and Newspapers

    The Writing Life and the Struggle for Nickels and Dimes“Put writing in your heart. Thus you may protect yourself from any kind of labour.” -Egyptian scribe to his son 2400 BC.This is the idea. To find a way to write for my food. By any means necessary. But I have found that to do so [...]

  • Writing the Other SIde of Politeness

    Writing the Other Side of PolitenessI like reading writers who say what they think in simple, blunt terms. I like writers who do not worry about offending anyone or losing friends through what they write. Pure, honest brashness is an honorable quality in my book, especially when it is a touch overdone.I do not care [...]

  • Chinese Food

    Chinese Food: An experiment in travel fictionIt was my first time in China and I was already nervous about eating the food. Before leaving home, my mother warned me not to eat the vegetables because they are grown in human manure, which could give me hepatitis, my father made jokes about how Chinese cows “meow” [...]

  • Alphasmart NEO for Traveling Writers

    Alphasmart NEO for Traveling Writers Following the lead of Loren Everly (loreneverly.org) I picked up an Alphasmart writing device, and it has revolutionized my ability to write while traveling. Alphasmarts are essentially keyboards that are ale to memorize keystrokes and then type them out on command into a word processing program on a computer, or [...]

  • Wade from Vagabond Journey.com is a Cheater

    Wade from Vagabond Journey.com is a CheaterDear Sirs,I regret to inform you of the fact that Wade from VagabondJourney.com is a cheater. It really pangs my heart to disclose this uncomfortable information in such a callous, impersonal way; but, it is true, the above mentioned cheated in your 2007 travel writing contest. In September of [...]

  • Interview with Travel Blogs.com

    Interview with Travel Blogs.comI was recently interviewed by Eric at Travel Blogs.com. If you would like to read the interview, it is at: 8 Years on the Road: An Interview with Wade.Walk Slow,Wade

  • Vagabond Community News Update- November 6, 2007

    Vagabond Community News Update- November 6, 2007Vila Nova de Milfontes, PortugalNovember 6, 2007Wade from www.VagabondJourney.comWhere are the world’s travelers right now? What are all the dirty little Hobos digging into? What vagabond has gone over the edge and who has gone home? All here, in this Vagabond Community News Update.Wanderjahr Jill's promotional photo (hehehe).Mira from [...]

  • Traveling Stories Magazine Travel Writing Contest

    Traveling Stories Magazine Travel Writing ContestVila Nova de MilfontesNovember 6, 2007Wade from www.VagabondJourney.comHello Friends, Family, and Fellow Travellers,Traveling Stories Magazine's Fall 2007 writing contest is about to come to a close, so if you all have any yarns of the Open Road hidden away you better dig them out and submit them quick.If not, then [...]

  • Interview with the Traveler, Loren Everly

    I first met Loren Everly (http://www.loreneverly.org/) in the windswept, desolate city of Ulanbaatar, Mongolia. We were both staying at the Golden Gobi guesthouse and bonded when I offered him an orange (a real delicacy in the non-fertile shrublands of the Gobi) and, out of sheer courtesy, he refused to accept more than half of it. [...]

  • Burroughs’ Interzone Found

    Burroughs’ Interzone FoundVila Nova de Milfontes, PortugalNovember 1, 2007Wade from: http://www.vagabondjourney.com/There has always been an issue in my travels, a problem if you will:I have an obsession with books.That is right. I all too often find myself carrying far more books than my rucksack and back can hold. Sometimes I even think that I travel [...]

  • Feeding the Beast with the Written Word

    Feeding the Beast with the Written WordMeknes, MoroccoSeptember 30, 2007Homepage: http://canciondelvagabundo.googlepages.comIn his travelogue, Itinerant Witness , Mark wrote that:“Making blog entries is like exercising or eating healthily. No one really wants to hear excuses about why you didn't to it; you should just do it every day.”I have been think about this quote nearly everyday [...]

  • Community of Great Traveling Websites

    Community of Great Traveling Websites Meknes, MoroccoSeptember 30, 2007Homepage: http://canciondelvagabundo.googlepages.comNorth Africa page: http://canciondelvagabundo.googlepages.com/northafrica" . . .quality travel sites furthering the travel community through sharing their favorite sites."-Traveling Stories MagazineThis was an idea that was started by Richard of the travel blog A Month in Venice that I found on Traveling Stories Magazine's blog. Basically the [...]

  • Vagabond Community News Update, 9/22/07

    Vagabond Community New Update, 9/22/07Meknes, MoroccoSeptember 22, 2007Homepage: http://canciondelvagabundo.googlepages.com/Vagabond Community News page: http://canciondelvagabundo.googlepages.com/vagabondnewsSeptember 22, 2007 *Vagabond Community News Update*Andy the Hobotraveler, http://www.hobotraveler.com/Andy is still in West Africa, or so I think, his last posting was from Bobo Dioulasso or Bobo, Burkina Faso, but he ominously hinted in his "African Guidebooks" post http://www.hobotraveler.com/2007/09/african-guidebooks.html that he was [...]

  • Write of Your Travels Tip

    Traveller Tip 1- Write, Write, Write of Your Travels July 14, 2007 As I have stepped off of The Road for a few moments to visit my family I have had the chance to dig through some of my old travel notebooks, and in doing so I have realized how much I appreciate them. I [...]