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Travel to Ireland After a Visa Overstay in the UK

Can my fiancé travel to Ireland after overstaying a visa in the UK?

Hello Sofinia,

Ultimately, immigration can reject a prospective traveler for any reason at all, or a lack thereof — and Irish immigration is becoming relatively strict. But, while a previous visa overstay can be used by pretty much any country to deny a foreign national entry, it is not very likely. Chances are they won’t even know about it — there is not yet a global immigration system in place. As your fiance was not deported nor has any official “overstayer” stamp in his passport it does not seem to me as if an overstay in the UK should have any effect on his entrance to Ireland.

Although, the immigration official could go through his passport and easily see the date he entered and exited the UK, unless he makes them suspicious for another reason, it is doubtful they will go through the hassle. I would not recommend getting a new passport in this case, especially for such a short trip. Just tell him to have his air tickets, a full printed up itinerary, and proof of hotel reservations made for at least the first part of his stay. But NEVER give immigration more information than what they ask for. Tell him to answer all questions simply and directly, replying only to the questions asked and not giving any additional details. Providing a case for entry before challenged is often a good way to make an immigration ask more questions — not good.

Ultimately, I would tell your fiancé not to worry too much. The Republic of Ireland and the UK are two different countries and don’t bother too much with each other’s immigration.

Thanks for the donation.

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Complete question about overstaying in the UK and then traveling to Ireland

Hi Wade,

My question is this: My fiance had an overstay in the UK earlier this year by 6 months but left of his own accord. He is a US citizen. He plans to travel to Republic Of Ireland for 2 weeks with proof of a return ticket, hotel reservations, etc. Is it likely that ROI will deny him entrance because of his overstay in UK? Will they even know about it? He was not deported, he had no refused visas, etc. But is worried that he may have a problem.

Would it help or hurt if he got a replacement passport before traveling? Thanks for any info you can offer.

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