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Travel to Haiti After Earthquake

I arrived in the Haitian city of Cap Haitien around five or six hours ago by bus from Santiago in the Dominican Republic.

Chaya and Petra are still in Sosua. I should only be in Haiti for around one week before going back to the Dominican Republic and then traveling on to Guatemala and El Salvador.

This entry marks a break from publication on the travelogue for the duration of the time I will be in Haiti. Instead, I will be publishing daily updates on the Vagabond Journey email newsletter. To subscribe, enter your email into the form in the sidebar.

Cap-Haitien, Haiti

The reason for this is because I left my computer with my wife in Sosua to allow us to have regular contact, whereas I have the Blackberry.

It is extremely challenging to write acceptable quality travelogue entries on the small keypad of a Blackberry tour. So to preserve the quality of these entries from Haiti, I will put up quick notes in the newsletter and then write full articles when I go back to Sosua.

My objective for being in Haiti is concurrently simple and complex. I know that I would have come here if the earthquake had not occurred, so I see no reason not to come now. I am in Haiti as a traveler.

From what I had been able to observe in the north of the country, everything is functioning business as usual. There are no obvious indications of impact from the earthquake in Port au Prince in Cap Haitien.

Though I have an offer from a Haitien Couchsurfer in Port au Prince to stay with her and visit her city. It would be good to view the situation there as it unfolds and to look beyond the media angle. Reports from Haiti’s capital from people who have actually traveled there after the earthquake give a much different version of what is happening than the international press.

I will continue this entry in the newsletters, take notes, and then publish the travelogue entries from the Dominican Republic.



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