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Travel Plan for Mexico

Mexico Travel Plan

SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS, Mexico- 2010 is the year for Mexico, at least this is what the president says. This year is the 200th anniversary of Mexico’s independence, the 100th anniversary since its revolution, and the year that the Vagabond Journey family will go into the country deep. We are looking at taking a long haul through Mexico — we were given 180 days a the border to travel in this country, and it is looking as if we are going to use them all.

Mexico is cool. Good food plus good people plus affordable living plus everything that I could need or want in travel being right in front of me = happy travelers. I remember the looks on the faces of a few long term, around the world type travelers that I have met in other lands when the word “Mexico” is spoken. Mexico is cool they would tell me as their eyes lit up. It is.

Sitting just to the south of the big ol’ USA, I have never fully acknowledged Mexico as being a particularly attractive travel destination — perhaps because of its close proximity to my homeland. I must admit that in my early years of travel, I was generally drawn to the other side of the planet, to places as far away from where I came from as I could get. Then I went to these places, spent many years in them, and now I am back west: in Mexico. What this country lacks in shock value — no, I do not walk down the streets here with my mouth agape as I do in China or India — it makes up for with wholesomeness, beauty, subtle joys, and good, untesting living.

Plan of travel through Mexico, there are many options

There is something that strikes me about San Cristobal de las Casas in the south of Mexico, and it is that the people here really seem to enjoy living. You can feel this in the streets, you can tell it on the faces of the people, in their manner of speech, in the way they move. This is a good place. My daughter seems to enjoy being here as well, here understanding of Spanish is coming along nicely, she has little friends that she plays with, she goes out into the streets and the Maya girls who go around selling textiles to tourists play with her as if she was some kind of baby doll. Petra seems to know that traveling is about the people you meet, and, here in San Cristobal, there are streets full of people who delight in meeting her.

I want to stay in Mexico, give this country the full swing of travel: from south to north, stopping in selected places for one to two months each.

Petra with Maya girl in San Cristbal de las Casas

Video of Petra playing with Maya girl in the streets

Travel plan for Mexico

One month has ticked off of our six month Mexican tourist visas, we stopped in Palenque and then rented out a good room in San Cristobal de las Casas for a month. We just put the money down to stay in San Cristobal for another month — the living is good here, my daughter has a little friend in the hotel, my wife has things to keep her occupied, I am further developing VagabondJourney.com, and we are just about living within our budget.

From San Cristobal, north is the only way to travel — north to Oaxaca, north to Mexico City, north to some other places. We are looking at a four hub travel plan for Mexico, we want to make four little traveler nests to stay in for one or two months each.

A hub is a place where I rent out a room by the month and use it as a jumping off point for visiting other locations in the region.

Our plan of travel, in no particular order, is looking something like this:

Palenque- one week, completed.
San Cristobal de las Casas- two months, half completed.
Vera Cruz
Mexico City
Somewhere farther north?

Our plan is, as always, very unstructured, and the particular places we make into hubs will invariably change as we move into regions and find out what the word is on the street. In point, we will select places to stay when we get there.

We are always open to suggestions, please comment below if you know of places in Mexico that we should go.

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