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Travel Notes Sample

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This is a sample of what my travel notes look like:


Wǔhàn – 武汉
Chángshā – 长沙
Zhāngjiājiè – 张家界

Wǔlíng Yuán – 武陵源

Zhāngjiājiè Cun – 张家界村

Taizhou – Wuhan

K384/K381    Taizhou Jiangsu 19:35    Wuhan Hankou 06:53    11h18m    848    115/-    200/206/213


Passengers riding on Line 2 from Hankou wishing to reach Wuchang Railway Station, can transfer at Zhongnan Road Station by crossing the platform.

Wuhan – Changsha

T36/T37                Wuhan Wuchang 08:06    Changsha 11:38    3h32m    362    54/-    99/103/106    150/157
T266/T263    Wuhan Wuchang 08:18    Changsha 11:55    3h37m    362    54/-    99/103/106    150/157
K318/K315    Wuhan Wuchang 09:38    Changsha 13:21    3h43m    362    54/-    99/103/106    150/157
K157                Wuhan Wuchang 09:38    Changsha 13:31    3h53m    362    54/-    99/103/106    150/157

Changsha – Zhangjiajie

K533/K536    Changsha 02:38    Zhangjiajie 07:53    5h15m    396    57/-    104/107/110    157/164
K967/K966    Changsha 03:56    Zhangjiajie 09:00    5h4m    396    57/-    104/107/110    157/164
K9072/K9073    Changsha 04:05    Zhangjiajie 09:56    5h51m    396    57/-    104/107/110    157/164
K1373/K1376    Changsha 07:58    Zhangjiajie 13:59    6h1m    396    57/-    104/107/110    157/164
T8308/T8309    Changsha 08:23    Zhangjiajie 13:06    4h43m    396    57/-    /    /
K9064/K9065    Changsha 22:25    Zhangjiajie 03:59    5h34m    396    33/-    68/70/72    103/108
K9024/K9025    Changsha 23:30    Zhangjiajie 04:50    5h20m    396    33/-    68/70/72    /

Wuhan – Taizhou

K382/K383    Wuhan Hankou 19:46    Taizhou Jiangsu 06:43    10h57m    848    115/-    200/206/213    308/322



Yha Changsha International Youth Hostel
NO.61 Gongshang Lane, Dongfeng Road
Telephone: 0731-82990202
Email: 790617496@qq.com

Bus 136 to Xiadalong(下大垅)
cross the road and walk about 80 meters to the next intersection and turn right. You will find the hostel, with a round illuminated ‘YHA’ sign in front of it.

Reference number:

The balance in local currency is CNY 72.00.

Zhangjiajie park

Yuanjiajie Zhongtian International Youth Hostel (袁家界中天国际青年旅舍
Go to 望桥台 Wàngqiáotái

To do


4698 Bar


“Avatar Hallelujah Mountain” (阿凡达-哈利路亚山; Āfándá hālìlùyà

A 1 hour minibus (¥10) goes from the main bus station in Zhangjiajie City to the village of Zhangjiajie Cun, at the entrance to the park.

It has been said by recent visitors that you can get a ¥300 ticket valid for 7 days.

At around the halfway point (200 meters before Zicao Pool) you will come to a restaurant/souvenir shop. At this point there is a bridge across the stream, which leads to a different trail (about 4.5km) through the Shadao Gully. The second half of the Shadao Gully trail is a steep flight of steps, but it leads to one of the most beautiful areas of the park. At the top of the staircase is a road with frequent buses that can take you to the First Bridge of the World (to the right) or to Xianren Qiao (to the left) and many other places. There is also Zhongtian International Youth Hostel (Yuanjiajie) just 50 meters to the right along the road.


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