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Travel Is About People, The Place Is Just An Excuse To Meet

Andy at Hobotraveler.com explains a rule for evaluating friends and continuing friendships:

If I say to a friend, “Do you want to go eat tonight?” And, he or she says, “Where?” I will say, “We can figure it out, when we are in the car.”

If they do not say yes, I say, “Can I call you back later?” They reply, “No problem.” And I call them back in a few day, maybe a week, often never, because I cannot be bothered, where we eat is more important then sharing time together as friends. With my truly good friends, we just get in the car, yes, a few are anal, and ramble endlessly about the restaurant choices, but I just say, “I will drop by at 7:00?” They say. “Ok.” Stop their mental masturbation, and we arrange to be friends.

If I said, “I need to go to Pizza Hut, I need to talk to a worker there, and can we eat there?” And my friend said, “I do not want Pizza, go alone.” OUR FRIENDSHIP IS OVER, ERASED, finito, acabo, le finis.

Travel is about people, not places. The place is just an excuse to meet.

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