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Travel in Hungary

Travel in Hungary

I am looking over a map of Hungary and dreaming up the ways in which I shall travel here. I have a Hobohideout.com show to ship in Budapest at the Loft Hostel – I make web pages for hotels/ hostels as a trade for bed – but they do not have any openings for me until July 21st. Today is the 16th and I stand within120 km from that city – a single day of bicycle riding.

I feel that I must leave my friends apartment in Gyor no later than tomorrow, as there is a certain unspoken time limit that guest can remain as “guests” in someone’s home. So where will I go for the intervening four days?
Wade from Vagabond Journey.com
in Gyor, Hungary- July 16, 2008
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I thought momentarily about heading south and riding a big loop around Lake Balaton, but then I realized that I would just have to ride north again to make Budapest. I also considered making a quick run over through Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia in a gigantic wrong-way arch to ol’ Budapest, but this is far too far out of my path to Turkey for my good directional senses to bear. I also only have four days before I should roll into the Loft Hostel, and I think that I would rather find another occupation than pushing pedals for the entire duration of this time. I think that if I am going to travel through three fresh foreign lands, that I would want to at least look at them. So the question remains: where will I go for these next four days?

I am looking at the maps now, waiting for a dot, a mountain, a river, a Road to call my name.

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Travel in Hungary
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