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Travel in Europe After Overstayed Schengen Visa

Can I travel to Italy from the Netherlands after overstaying the Schengen Visa?

Updated answer to question

Hello Jatinder,

I just received an email today from a guy who overstayed his Schengen visa by 15 days and was deported to his country of origin and fined 160 Euro as he tried to travel from Germany to Italy. It was the German authorities who applied the punishment.

A few years ago when the Schengen visa was new it was a joke — travelers would often overstay it by leaps and bounds and not receive any punishment. They seem to have their policies down now and overstayers are being fined and deported, so I would probably recommend leaving the Schengen Zone as soon as possible.




1st answer to question

Hello Jatinder,

There have been incidences where visa overstayers have been fined large amounts of money per day of their overstay. There is nothing consistent about immigration procedures — one day something is fine, the next day they put you in jail or slap you with a huge fine. It all depends on the winds and the mood of the particular immigration official.

So in this very wishy washy circumstance I cannot provide you with much advice. Nothing could happen, or you could be banned from Europe, fined, or tossed in jail. I have heard of all of the above incidences occurring.

As you are already overstayed in the Schengen zone, I would say that you may as well enjoy your stay and go to Italy — as there is no telling if you will be allowed back or not. But be aware that you could receive a “per-day” fine when trying to exit the region.

In short, I cannot say what will happen with any sense of certainty. You should be alright if you don’t exit the region from Germany or Switzerland, but there is no telling. Immigration policies are nothing if not inconsistent.

Sorry that I cannot be of more help.

Let me know how everything works out.

Walk Slow,



Original question about traveling in Europe after overstayed Schengen Visa —


some  background.  I am Canadian, my husband is American, and we live in Vancouver, Canada.
My husband is a prof at UBC and this is his sabbatical year.

We entered Sweden on September 1, 2009.  We stayed in Sweden for 2 months and then came to Amsterdam.  We entered The Netherlands on November 2, 2009.  We are leaving Europe on December 27 for Singapore, and other destinations in Asia.

Before we came to Europe we went to the embassy of both Sweden and The Netherlands in Vancouver, and were told that we did NOT need any visa.  My husband is not working here, he is not getting paid, but is affiliated with universities here that provide us housing etc…

So, last week, we were at the airport in Amsterdam hoping to spend the weekend in London, to visit family and friends.  At Schipol we were told that we have now overstayed the 3 month allotment under the Shengen agreement.  In the end, they were very nice, and said that we could stay but immigration would send a report and there might be a sanction against us.  Likely, we will not be allowed to enter the Shengen area again for some time, how long this is, is not known at this time.  The officials at Schipol are aware that we are leaving Amsterdam later this month.   If we had gone to London, we would not have been allowed to return to Amsterdam.  (obviously a big problem since all of our stuff for a 8 month trip is here, and my husband has obligations to the university here).

Ok, the question–Do you think it is ok for us to travel within the Shengen area?  We are hoping to go to Venice  next week to celebrate our anniversary.  Our experience so far has been that no one has looked at our passports when traveling.  We had a rail pass for Scandinavia and now have another one we are using for the rest of Europe (10 days in 2 months).  The only time our passport was looked at while on a train was when we went to Norway from Sweden.  How likely is it that anyone else will look at our passport, and note when we entered?

Your advice and suggestions will be most appreciated.

Thank you

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