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Travel Cheap with Hobohideout.com

Travel Cheap with Hobohideout.com

For the past two months I have been traveling very cheaply through some of the most expensive cities in the world by trading internet pages on Hobohideout.com for free accommodation at hostels and hotels. I have been traveling so cheaply, in fact, that I would be starkly surprised if my expenses average out to $8 a day – and this amount includes the occassional bout of late night fun.

In point, by wiping out the cost of accommodation, travel in Europe becomes cheap and accessable to any traveler who is willing to work. Anybody can make hotel pages on Hobohideout.com; any traveler can make these accommodation trades and move about the world comfortably with hardly a dime to their name.
Wade from Vagabond Journey.com
in Budapest, Hungary- July 26, 2008
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The mission of the traveling webmaster program is to assemble around 25 travelers who are willing to work a couple hours each day in order to greatly reduce their travel expense so they can keep traveling farther, further, and longer. The traveling webmasters program is for travelers who will do anything that the Road requires to keep on keepin’ on. Hobohideout.com is a site made by travelers for travelers, and henceforth presents a Way for wanderers to move about the planet on very little money.

I took advantage of this graft, and I must say that it is a good one.

I am asked all the time how I afford to keep traveling for so long. One of the main ways that I have the money to travel is that I do everything that I can to not spend money. I have learned the simple skills of restraint: I have learned how to have fun and really enjoy places without having to pay for it, and I know that it is far easier to save $20 than it is to make $20. I also know that if I want to keep traveling that I need to perpetually keep my ear to the tracks for new ways to reduce the cost of travel. When Andy the Hobotraveler.com proposed that I begin trading Hobohideout.com pages for accommodation earlier this year, I heard a roaring train coming in my direction.

In point: I saw that train, and I got on it. Trading these internet pages for accommodation has now rolled me across Guatemala, the Czech Republic, and now Hungary.

The first time that I went around to hotels on the Hobohideout graft was earlier this year in Guatemala. I was unsure then if I would be taken up on my offer. Andy reassured me that most hotels are willing to jump at a free promotion, and will usually offer a traveler a room to do so. So I tried it, and Andy was proved correct. The hotels in Guatemala took me in with open arms and showered me with praises when their Hobohideout.com sites were completed. They were happy because their hotels received good, free promotions, I was happy because I received a good, free rooms, and Hobohideout.com benefited from receiving good content.

I do not mind working in my travels. By actually earning my keep enables me to regularize my life as I move about the planet earth. It is my impression that being a tourist on a never ending quest for hedonistic pleasure gets a little dry after a while. I have done this before, and it did not make me feel fulfilled. To make my travels worth traveling I know that I must work, least my muscles will wane soft and my mind will falter from inaction. I feel strongly that work and projects are a neccessity for the long term traveler.

The traveling webmasters program provides a way for travelers to earn their keep on the Road.

For more information on becoming a Hobohideout.com traveling webmaster go to www.hobohideout.com/webmasters or email me directly at vagabondsong@gmail.com.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Walk Slow,


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Travel Cheap with Hobohideout.com
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