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Travel by Land – Egypt, Israel, Jordan

Transportation to cross borders between Egypt, Israel, and Jordan

Hello Yolanda,

The border crossings between Egypt, Israel, and Jordan are very much frequented by tourists, and transportation options are readily available. Taxis, buses, and minibuses ply these borderlands regularly. I would recommend asking about the full sized bus options along the way, as this will be your most reliable transportation — although there are only a few buses each day.

If you arrive at a time where you cannot take a full size bus, there will be taxis and minibuses offering you transportation. The taxi men from all these countries in question will take you for all that you are worth. Be sure to negotiate extensively with them and turn down the first few who approach you. If you look like you have money — these guys will suck it out of you.

Don’t be hesitant to fight with them, and don’t let them cheat you. They will try whatever the can to scam you, but they are sort of just playing — feeling you out. If you put up a fight, they will back off.

Taxi that travels from the Egyptian border at Taba

Transportation from the Egyptian border to the Jordan border through Israel should cost around 50 ($12.5) sheckles. Transport from the Israeli border to Aqaba by taxi should not be more than 10 dinars ($14). Take a full size bus to the Egyptian border with Israel.

About visas:

If you are a Canadian citizen I am pretty sure that you can get visas on arrival at all of the countries you are going to, exempt when you return to Egypt (unless you get a multiple entry visa). If you are flying by plane into Egypt, you can get a visa at the airport. I just wanted to mention this, as I know that visas are often more expensive if you get them from consulates in advance.

More info about traveling by land between Egypt, Israel, and Jordan can be found on these pages:

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Original questions about transportation from Egypt, Israel, Jordan borders

Hi Wade,

We are traveling from Egypt to Jordan and back. We won’t have our own car, we were gong to rent one, and the Israeli consulate here (Toronto) said no way, so we are going by taxi / on foot to cross the borders. We’re getting our Egyptian and Jordanian visas ahead of time, and now that we’re not taking the ferry I guess we’ll also get our Israeli visa ahead of time too! I was more concerned about transit options, were the taxi’s reasonable,are they waiting for you at the boarders, are there buses to take easily or are you stuck waiting around half a day for a bus etc.? Any input helps. Carlos, my husband, says the guy with the ferry service must have some serious connections to be able to charge now 90 USD for a ferry ride!


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