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Back in the Blogger Saddle Again

After experimenting with a variety of hand made template styles and ways of publishing this travel blog on Vagabond Journey.com, I have decided to put the venture on hold and to stay on Blogger.

Blogger is good. Song of the Open Road has a page rank of 4/10 and we are getting a good deal of traffic. What can be wrong with this? If something ain’t broke then don’t try to fix it.

Wade from Vagabond Journey.com
in Upstate NY, USA- May 15, 2008
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I liked the idea of publishing my blog and website 100% on my own and without the assistance of any sort of blogging system, pre-designed template, or content management system. I want my site to look like a vagabond made it. I do not want it to be posh or perfect. But I also want it to be easily used.

I write this blog to be read.

I think that the Blogger system is more user friendly than the one that I was using on Vagabond Journey, but I am on the inside so I cannot possibly read my site from a reader’s perspective. So I have opened up a new poll in the upper portion of the side bar navigation to find out what readers prefer.

Please tell me if you like Song of the Open Road better on blogger (this blog that you are reading) or on Vagabond Journey Travel Blog? Please look at both options and then vote on the upper left of this page. Thank you.

At any rate there will be some much needed changes coming to this blog, such as:

  • A better directory system to allow for easier navigation.

  • The removal of the label options in exchange for a “by world region” directory. Hundreds of label links running down the side look sloppy and cumbersome.

  • The inclusion of an author box in the middle of the posts, as I am tired of having my writing stolen without the inclusion of a back-link. This actually happens with a good deal of frequency (I shamelessly stole this idea from the Hobotraveler).

  • And a move to better integrate Song of the Open Road with Vagabond Journey.com, which will be done through linking to the main sections of VJ through the side bar, header, and footer navigation of this blog.

All for all I think this is the best move for me at this time. I tried something, realized that it may not be the best option now, and changed direction.

In travel, if you find yourself on a Road to nowhere all you have to do is stop short and take the next turn. Travel is full of starts and stops, direction changes, mistakes, blunders, and new plans.

I like changing directions.

So tell me what you think in a comment and please vote above.

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