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Tobacco Pipes and Travel

Have you found really great pipe tobacco on your travels?  If you have time, tell me where you have found it and especially if you found it in Turkey.

Hello Rich,

I often buy tobacco pipes along the way in my travels as souvenirs of sorts. In countries that I really enjoy I often try to pick up a tobacco pipe or a tattoo.

Meerschaum Pipe in Turkey

The pipes in many countries are pretty standard — nothing special, the same designs and makes that you can get many places in the world — but in Italy and Turkey they are real good. I picked up a good meerschaum pipe in Eskisehir, Turkey that I really love.  It is also a real awesome exerience to buy a pipe right where they are made — right at the source.

In Eskisehir, they mine the meerschaum out of the earth, carve it up, turn it into a pipe, and sell it right there. The whole process is done in a 30km area. It is really something special.

I really suggest going to Eskisehir, as you are a pipe smoker and are in the Middle East. The place is the center of the pipe smoking universe.

Meerscham pipes in a workshop in Eskisehir, Turkey

Meerschaum pipes in a workshop in Eskisehir, Turkey

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Photos of meerschaum pipes in Eskisehir
Meerschaum Smoking Pipes in Turkey
Meerschaum Pipe Master Carvers of Eskisehir
Meerschaum Pipe Journalism Project in Eskisehir, Turkey
Meerschaum Pipes Eskisehir, Turkey
Meerschaum Pipes in Eskisehir, Turkey

Meerschaum Museum Pipes in Eskisehir Turkey
Meerschaum Pipe Wax and Eskisehir, Turkey

Tobacco Pipes and Travel

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