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The Video Question

Hanover, Pennsylvania, USA
August 17, 2007

I have been seriously pondering the video question for a few days now, and have been going over the exact logistics of how to make it possible. Andy the Hobo Traveler http://www.hobotraveler.com/ wrote me an email with a couple good ideas and some warnings , and it is seeming like it may be a little too much trouble than what I would want to deal with on the Road. Making videos or short documentaries seems as if it could be an all or nothing affair- if I were travelling with the primary intention of making a film then the logistical hassles could be worth the effort, but if I am travelling as I ordinarily do (with little baggage and no destination) then it seems as if publishing videos could be too laborious to be worthwhile.

But if I figure out how to efficiently put up videos on this travelogue using Youtube, like Andy does, then expect some live footage soon . . . if not, then it will just be still images for now.

But I do like the idea of videos on a travelogue. It kind of adds life to something that can be a little abstract and distant. I really enjoyed the video that Andy put up from a ceremony in Togo http://www.hobotraveler.com/2007/07/video-of-togo-ceremony-of-evala.html , http://www.youtube.com/HoboTraveler It added a depth that a photograph or a description could not. Man, if I could proficiently put videos up on here then I will never even have to bother writing anything hehe. Just joking, I think that I like the sound of my own dialogue as manifested through a computer keyboard. I can’t shut up now haha.

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