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The Trauma of Building a Website

The Trauma of Building a Website

I am not good with these things called computers. I brag of this fact as if it is a measure of my own humanity. But it is true. Put a computer into my hands and I will make a mess of everything that is on it.

So I find it to be very unlikely that I am trying to make a living off of writing on a website. But this is, perhaps, a last ditch effort to forever avoid the harshness of living the life of an employee. I seek to live on my own terms; a website is one way, if the stars shine upon me, that I could do this. But it takes more work than I have ever put into any employment venture, and seems to be vastly more frustrating.

I have just burned through two website building programs: Page Wizard and Nvu. I give up. I use these programs because I think that they will be easier than learning HTML and building a site from scratch.

But now I am having doubts about this.

I have tried to make a nice website for Vagabond Journey.com. A site organized columns and pretty colors. I ended up with nothing but a mess. What I See Is What I Get. What I got was a page full of odds and ends all stuck together and perilously overlapping itself into a deadlock oblivion. In point, I tied my site (and myself) into a knot.

I need to get out.

So I broke down last night. Said a big, “Fuck it,” and began making the simplest site that I could imagine.

“I am just going to make this damn thing as I would write a word document!”

If you make a mistake long enough it becomes a style . . .

The trauma of building a website.

Wade from Vagabond Journey.com
November 14, 2007
Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal

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