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The Best Places In America To Visit On A Budget

America is an amazing country to visit and explore, with so many options for an incredible vacation. Even if you’re on a budget, you don’t have to miss out on a holiday in the USA. There are lots of great destinations around America that you can visit without breaking your bank. So, don’t wait another second to book a trip to America. Get your ESTA visa online today, jump on a flight and visit some of the best places in America to visit on a budget.


If you love to explore the outside then Yellowstone has everything you want and it will barely cost you anything. If you’ve got a tent, camping grounds will cost you between $15 and $30 dollars a night depending on where you go. Hiking and cycling are the best ways to get around and see some of the incredible sights. You can also go skiing and horseback riding and this park has more trails than you could explore, as well as plenty of untouched territory.

During certain times of year you get to take part in fairs, music festivals and rodeos and powwows. There are amazing events happening all year round that shouldn’t be missed. So, if it’s nature that draws you to America, Yellowstone gives you the best of the American wilderness on a budget.


Portland is a great choice for a city getaway on a budget, especially for the younger crowd. While you probably won’t find world famous entertainment, there is more than enough to do and for a short vacation you’ll find that the cost is far more than just reasonable. To start, Portland has some gorgeous parks, including the Portland Japanese Garden and the Elk Rock Garden, both of which have waterfalls, rivers and acres of colourful plant life.

If you’re a foodie, then you will find yourself spoiled for choice In Portland. A culinary hotspot and home to the world famous and charmingly controversial eatery, Voodoo Doughnut, there are tons of creative culinary experiences to explore, including an $8 foie gras burger from Gastro Mania. Turn to Portland’s local award winning food blogger Jen from ‘Under The Table With Jen’ to get some great local recommendations.


Nashville is all about live music, good food and good vibes. Their music scene is world famous, with more than a few legendary musicians establishing their careers and performing in some of the best venues here. One of the best places to see is the honky tonk highway, which is lined with venues serving cold drinks and live music performances until 3am almost every night. It’s completely free to experience it for yourself and see where some of the great musicians started their careers.
Nashville also have a rich and thriving art scene as well as a great outdoors to explore on zip line. When it comes to food, Nashville is famous for its delicious down home cooking as well as its internationally inspired food. After a meal, don’t forget to spoil yourself with some incredible cocktails and craft beer. Or perhaps you’re actually interested in moving to Nashville? Well, here’s a few reasons why everyone else is moving to Nashville.

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