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Thank You for Donations

Hello Collin,

Thank you very much for the donation to Vagabondjourney.com. We really appreciate it, and it means a lot! If there is anything that I could help you out with in your travels, or in preparing for travel, please just let me know.


Walk Slow,



I tried to send this thank you message to a reader named Collin through email, but his email address did not seem to work. I figured that posting this message was the only way that I could readily get in contact with him.

But, while I am at it, I would also like to thank all other financial contributors to VagabondJourney.com, so thank you Bob, Mike, Leslie, Luke, Brandon, Joanne, Judith, Tina, Jessica, Trevor, Patrick, Ping, David, Sam, Carl, Anthony, Michael Cummiskey, Robert Kenneth Onglao, Jacob Rosenfeld, Scott Katz, Gerald Gradwell, Dan Schwartzman, Spring Petta, and, of course, Deb Goss.

Thank you all for your donations over this past year, I really appreciate it. These donations truly keep this site functioning, and my family and I traveling. Thank you all very much.

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