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Teach English in Nicaragua

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Nicaragua is a small country in Central America located between Honduras and Costa Rica. Those looking to teach English in Nicaragua will find the best pay and most opportunity in bilingual schools located in the capital city of Managua. Cost of living in Nicaragua isn’t expensive however, and if a teacher is willing to work for less there are opportunities in the smaller more tranquil towns of Granada and Leon. TEFL/TESOL or CELTA/DELTA certified teachers will find the most opportunities, though non-certified native speaking English teachers may also be able to find work. To work in private bilingual or English medium schools you often need to have a bachelor’s degree in education or a related field or be certified to teach in your home country.

Below we have listed some of the international and bilingual schools and English teaching opportunities. This is not a comprehensive list, if you know of other English language schools or training centers, please add them in the comments section.

The American Nicaraguan School is an English language medium private school located in Managua that offers pre-k through high school courses.

Lincoln International Academy is an English language Catholic private school from pre-school through high school.

Nicaragua Christian Academy is a Christian school offering courses from pre-school through high school located just outside Managua.

American British College or ABC school is an English training school located in Granada. They accept native English speakers as semi volunteers with a three month minimum commitment.

National Palace in Managua, Nicaragua

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