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Sprigs – Banjee Wrist Wallet Review

We at VJT are always fans of an innovative product, and when I saw these Banjee wrist wallets, I knew we just had to review them. Dawn, who runs Sprigs the company behind the Banjee, has been kind enough to send us one of each size to put through its paces.

The Banjee Wrist Wallets come in two sizes (standard and large) and a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns with a starting price of $15. As the packaging states they are “One Size Fits All” and there are designs to suit many fashions. All are reversible with  solid colour on one side and a funky pattern on the other. You can even get a colder weather version made from fleece instead of the summer versions we reviewed made from recycled spandex.

Sprigs - Banjee (Paisley/Black)

There are two sizes, the first standard size comprises one zipped pocket and can contain keys, money, credit cards, even a smaller ipod or Mp3 player. The second has an extra pocket designed to hold a phone, ipod or PDA that folds over to keep everything safe. These nifty little accessories are ideal for all sorts of activities from running, hiking, swimming, day trips, girls nights out without a handbag and travelling. The more time you spend with a banjee the more uses you find for them.

What most attracted me to these is the possibility for travel applications. They are perfect for sticking some paper money and a room key into if your nipping out for a wander round the town and don’t want to take a full pack or a day on the beach. From a security stand point this product is a very good idea. You could keep your credit cards and large bills in your banjee hiding them from prying eyes and small change in your pockets, provided you don’t overstuff the banjee it just looks like a normal sweat band (and can be used as one).

Banjee Wrist Wallet

When it comes to purchasing a Banjee, I would recommend getting the larger version as although it has an extra pocket it is really no bigger than the standard size and the extra pocket can have many uses. The second pocket is a fold over pocket rather than a zip so you do need to be careful as to what you put in there. This pocket can hold a mobile phone but I have to say it does have to stretch to fit a smart phone or iPhone. Having a modern phone in the banjee does make it rather bulky as you would expect and I didn’t keep mine in there long as it felt a little exposed but you could easily put a room key or ipod shuffle in there.

The best way to see if a product has a market is to leave it on our breakfast table and see how long it stays there, these didn’t last long. Everyone in our house have found a myriad of uses for these little wrist bands. They have used them for nights out when they only need to carry ID and cash but don’t want to carry a bag and also for hikes where they just need house keys. We found the best way to wear these is with the pocket on the inside of your arm and facing with the zip at the elbow end. This give you the best mix of comfort and security.

In summary a great little idea which could make life easier, simpler and safer. Not bad for $15!

For details of where to buy please visit Sprigs

*Product provided for review by the manufacturer. To have your Travel Gear reviewed on Vagabond Journey Travel contact us.

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