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Sex Chocolates

Sex Position Chocolates in Mexico

SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS, Mexico- I was in a gourmet chocolate shop with a Mexican friend, my wife, and baby. We were looking through the shelves, picking out little bits and pieces of really good looking chocolates — which, surprisingly, were not too expensive. As we looked through the shelves, my friend spoke:

“These ones have dancing people on them.”

I looked down and nodded with benign disinterest, it looked like a tray of rectangular chocolates which were molded with designs of couples eloquently dancing.

Then my friend paused with a start:

“They are not dancing.”

I looked closer, it was true: the couples on the chocolates were not dancing, in fact, they were copulating. They were also not just simple, matter of fact, lets just do this copulation either, they were wrapped up in Cirque du Soleil positions perhaps attainable only by a contortionist. They may have taught me a lesson or two.

Then we ate them.

Chocolates with sex positions

Sex Chocolates with interesting positions

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