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Russia Visa

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The following are the ins and outs to obtaining a Russian Visa.

The ins and outs of acquiring a Russian visa

If you are heading for Russia then you are going to need a visa, and it is vital that this paperwork is sorted out well in advance of any planned trip being finalised.

What Is Needed to Get a Russian Visa?

In order to be eligible to apply for a visa to enter Russia, anyone planning on travelling to the area first needs to have an invitation to the country. For business people planning to visit the country for working purposes an invitation will likely be issued by prospective employers. Those with friends or family in the country will be able to get an invitation from their acquaintances, while for those who simply wish to take a tourist trip to the area an invitation will need to be issued to them from one of the country’s state registered travel agencies. Invitations need to be formalized with the authorities in Russian and so anyone wishing to travel will need their Russia sponsor to complete the necessary paperwork at their end.

What Type of Russian Visa Do You Need?

Once you have received an invitation you will be able to initiate the visa application process – but what type of visa will you need? Russia issues a range of visa to foreigners wanting to visit the country for different purpose. For those who will simply be passing through the country en route to elsewhere, there are transit visas. Leisure travellers will usually need a simple tourist visa, while business travellers can opt for a range of single and multiple stay visa options. Those planning to visit the country to stay with friends or family will need to apply for a private visa.

Where Can You Get a Russian Visa?

Once you have decided on the type of visa that is needed and received the appropriate invitation you will be able to apply for a visa from the Russian Consulate. Consulate application forms can be printed online in advance and taken in person for the purposes of application. Applicants are advised to check and double check that all information supplied is correct in order to avoid refusal for administrative errors. Along with your completed application form you will need to take your passport
(which must be valid for at least six months after your intended dates of travel) three photograph of yourself measuring three centimetres by four centimetres and the means to pay the visa fee, which can vary depending on the area of application and type of visa requested. If you do not wish to visit the Russian Consulate in person you can request that a registered Russian travel agent in this country complete the process on your behalf for a fee.

Once You Have Your Visa

Once your Russian visa is issued it is important that you check all the details it gives are correct. A simple clerical error such as a misspelling or a wrongly recorded date could be enough to invalidate the visa, meaning the authorities could have you placed straight back on the first of the available flights to London.

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