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How to Rent an Apartment in Costa Rica

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Howdy Keirsten,

Please do not follow my path with renting out an apartment in Costa Rica. The one that I rented was only a temporary stay apartment that men usually use to cheat on their wives in. Seriously, this place was just set up to be a shag pad. I moved in there because I had no place else to lie momentarily. Heredia is also not a nice place to base yourself in, and, no, the managers of the apartment did not speak English.

I recommend getting on Couchsurfing.com and joining the Costa Rica groups and ask the people on there (they generally live in Costa Rica) about finding a place. Someone should be able to help you. I have found apartments to rent all over the world using the Couchsurfing message boards.

Or you could just wait until you get to Costa Rica and find a place where you want to live and THEN begin looking for a place to stay. I highly recommend visiting a place before getting an apartment. I also highly advise against using websites to book a place that you want to live in for a decent stretch of time.

Renting an apartment in Costa Rica is a fairly straight forward procedure, and can be completed in a few days. I say just show up, travel around, find a place that you want to live, and then get on the Couchsurfing and other message boards and find people who can help you out.

It is my impression that this would be the best and cheapest way to go about renting an apartment in Costa Rica.

Thank you reading Vagabond Journey.com!

Walk Slow,

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Original question about renting an apartment in Costa Rica

hey there, where was your apartment? did the manager speak english? did you pay by the month? how did it compare to the US? Any info could help us, as we are planning to do some semi-long term travel to Costa Rica in June.


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