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Reentering Europe After Visa Overstay on Different Passport

BNO passport
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Q: Can I reenter Europe after overstaying my visa in Switzerland with a different passport?



While it is true that you were probably banned from reentering the Schengen zone of Europe after overstaying your tourist visa in Switzerland, it seems to me that if you were to attempt returning on your second passport there may be a decent chance that you won’t be caught — though I cannot recommend that you try this, of course.

As you are from Hong Kong and have two passports — HKSAR and BNO — it seems as if you were to reenter Europe on the one that shows no evidence of the overstay you may be allowed in — though there is no guarantee for this.

Please keep in mind that his is just my opinion — one that has been formed after receiving hundreds of letters documenting traveler’s experiences of overstaying their visas in Europe — and is not fool proof advice. I have also received various reports of people being caught trying to reenter Europe after a visa overstay with a different passport (though these passports were re-issues of the one they had previously).

In point, the SIS (Schengen Information System) does contain more information about you than your passport number — especially if you were previously caught overstaying your visa — so having your name, birthday, and nationality already logged into the system could be enough to identify you as you try to reenter with your second passport. So while it is possible for you to be identified and busted, it is my opinion that if you were to enter France (who currently does not employ the strictest immigration practices) on a completely different passport then your chances of this happening are not extremely high.

European immigration — especially after the Schengen agreement — is often a crap shoot, you may be caught, you may not. There is no hard guarantee either way. If you try to reenter France prior to the end of your three year ban from the Schengen zone, please let me know how everything works out. As a final note of advice: stay far, far away from Switzerland of Germany — don’t even take flights that go through these countries.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask them below. Thanks!

Walk Slow,


BNO passport


Original question about reentering Europe after overstay with second passport:

Reading the topics of your website help a lot.
My case is like this. I left Switzerland 1 year ago, overstayed 6 months (I am a Hong Kong Chinese, no need visa to travel Switzerland), i got punished to pay a penalty of 600 in Zurich.
I used to exit Switzerland every 3 months, but that time i didnt because me and my bf was planing to get married. At the end, we didnt get married because i couldnt deal with the life in Switzerland.
Yesterday, he checked for me that, i am not allowed to entry Switzerland for 3 years (2 more years).
And in fact my company arranged a business trip for me, going to France soon and I am intense to go visit Hungary for holiday.
Questions here :
Would I get rejected for entering France and Hungary?
In fact, hong kong residents hold 2 passports. The HKSAR and BNO. I got out of Switzerland with the HKSAR passport. And it is now going to be expire soon after leaving Switzerland 1 year.
If you know it is gonna be a trouble if I choose to enter those country with BNO passport?
Thank you very much for your advice.

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