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Long Term/ Perpetual Travel Blog

  • How Travel Mitigates The Health Risks Of Environmental Pollution and Toxins

    Want to reduce the effect of environmental pollution and food contaminants? Keep traveling.

  • Travelers Don’t Paint Apartment Walls

    It's a different travel strategy, but it works. The PT lifestyle takes many different forms as we continue changing our strategy to meet changing circumstances.

  • I Watch Wheat Being Separated Again, I’ve been in China For A Year

    I watch the cycle of life repeat itself in Jiangsu Taizhou. My travel strategy has certainly changed.

  • Why Accomplishment Is Important In Travel

    So you arrived, now what? Perpetual travel isn't just about where you go, but what you accomplish.

  • Perpetual Travel Is A Gamble For Self-Determination And Sanity

    I can't talk about leaving the rat race because I never entered it to begin with. In 1999 I began traveling, working on the road, living abroad, studying abroad, going wherever and I wanted and could afford to get to. I don't have a cubicle ditcher story, I can't tell a "take this job and [...]

  • It’s True, A University Degree Creates Perpetual Travel Options

    When you head out to travel perpetually you're eventually going to run out of money and need to find work at some point. While there is an incredible array of self-employed, skill or knowledge based, or grunt types of work out there that travelers can do which require neither degree nor formal education, there are [...]

  • How to Engage and Appreciate All Places When Traveling

    "Shanghai is just another city that's exactly like every other city. All there is here is shopping," spoke a Dutch student at a hostel in Shanghai. His compatriot, who was sitting nearby, nodded and agreed. I stumbled on my rebuttal, choked on my words, and shut up: if these two guys could not find the [...]

  • How Much Does it Really Cost to Travel the World

    How much does it really cost to travel the world? I'm asked this question often, and I'm always forced to shrug my shoulders and say that a traveler's expense sheet is based more on their comfort threshold, travel methods, drinking habits, and site-seeing ambitions than on the basic costs of just about any country. It [...]

  • Travel in Less Expensive Countries – Key 2 for a Perpetual Travel Retirement

    "So, Gar. What is a "less expensive" country?" I'm glad you asked that. A less expensive country is one where you can live cheaper than you are living now. If you are in the USA, that would be Mexico, Central America, most of South America, Southeast Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam), India, and several countries [...]

  • Too Old to Travel?

    Remember Gar's "Three Keys for a Traveling Retirement"? These keys assume you have at least a social security check coming in every month or some other form of uninterruptable cash flow AND some cushion for emergency medical expenses. They are: Key One: Have no reoccurring debt payments. None, nada, zip. Don't owe nothing at all, [...]