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Pants-less Women in China

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Qingdao, Shandong, P.R. China

To lay to rest any doubts that may be harbored about my musings about Chinese fashions I have put up these photographs.

This is a Chinese woman who is not wearing any pants. She is only wearing a long sweat shirt without any trousers beneath. I suppose it is much easier getting done up in th emorning if you don’t have to put on any pants. But this is fashion and I am just not very hip…I continue on with my military fatigues and Carhartts.
This is a foreigner getting in on the act. This may look like a short dress but it is really just a shirt that is tied at the waist.
I don’t know, maybe they got the idea from this girl in the cinema poster.
Or maybe this girl in the painting.
Mira trying to break into the Shanghai fashion scene.

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