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Vagabond Journey Travel Stories and World Culture

8 Simple Things You Need to Know Before you Teach English Abroad

Lawrence Hamilton

Want to teach English in a foreign country? This is what you need to know.

Top Ten Things That You Will Really Do in Thailand

Arthur Fern

The real list of the things you will do in Thailand.

The Sobering Experience of Partying With China’s Rich

Mitch Blatt

Take a look at what the nightlife of China’s 1% is really like.

China’s Disposable Cities

Wade Shepard

China’s cities are being built to be demolished to be built again. They are virtually disposable. Here’s why.

What Becomes of China’s Ghost Cities

Wade Shepard

I traveled back to a deserted new urban development in China eight years later to find what had happened to it.

Harmonica Jim and Elias the Poet

David Fegan

Jim plays harmonica and can make $100 a day busking. Elias sings poetry but can’t read or write. Both live in Melbourne, both are homeless.

The Highs and Lows From the Canals of Banjarmasin

Shivaji Das

Riding through the extremes of life on the Banjarmasin canals.

Has the McDonald's/ Yum Brands "rotten meat" food quality and safety scandal really scared the Chinese away from Western fast food?

Watch: Chinese Electrofishing


How fishermen on Xiamen island use electricity to catch fish.

After years of traveling in China, I stepped up to the boarding gate for my train and found myself in line alone. Trains going south from Shanghai were cancelled because of a typhoon.


I walked into a McDonald's in Shanghai and was told they din't have any food. Here's what happened.


Riding through the extremes of life on the Banjarmasin canals.

Navigating Chinese Bureaucracy, pt. 2

When it all doesn't add up, just go for the ride. This is the only way to get through Chinese bureaucracy.

Bad Tripping: Minibus Madness


The off-color guide to global public ground transportation.

What is Gomerpyleville, Western Australia?

Gomerpyleville from above

America's old military outpost in Western Australia.

Bad Tripping: How to Bribe a Cop


There will invariably come a time in every traveler's journey when they will turn around to find themselves corralled by the law. Bad Mike tells you how to escape the clutches of the police while remaining financially intact.

I was recently interviewed by Steve Collins of radioroaming.com, based out of Perth Australia. We talked about adventures in Mauritania and some of the realities of traveling in Pakistan.

Black Mountain Kentucky

Books to make home seem like a new frontier.

5 Chinese Ghost Cities that Came Alive


As China's so-called ghost cities fill up they are forgotten by a mainstream international media that is hungry for sensational stories, not rational takes on what is surely the most expansive urbanization movement in human history. Here are five new cities in China that have filled up with people and commerce since being heralded as ghost towns.

polo and trinco 107

Fishing on the beaches of Sri Lanka is a tradition that the people there have been doing for thousands of years. Today, a sea turtle came in with the catch.

Doing the Dance of Chinese Bureaucracy

Dancing through Chinese bureaucracy is a Kafka-esque endeavor, a mashing of contradiction and a collision of mutual exclusive parameters. But something can be both black and white here, so you keep dancing.

cambodians fleeing thailand

Nearly a quarter of a million Cambodians have fled Thailand in fear of a violent crackdown on undocumented workers by the new junta. Here's the story of one such escape.


It is said that fast food is unhealthy, that it will make you fat and make you dead. But global statistics show something very different.


Nanhui is a full scale, independent new city that is being completely built from scratch 60 km outside of downtown Shanghai. It is being constructed to house 800,000 people, but is currently in the ghost city stage of development: hanging somewhere between being deserted and coming alive. This is the story of what I found there.

Working to “Work” in China

How to make a lot of money and have a lot of time too?


Boiling rats, guzzling urine, ladyboys, a broomstick to the head, and an old vagabond bastard finding the wisdom of the open road. In other words, another travel yarn spun by the inimitable Michael Britton. Compulsory reading.

petra shepard

My daughter, Petra, has been in China for two and a half years. During that time she learned the most vital aspect of cultural cohesion: language.