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Vagabond Journey Travel Stories and World Culture

6 Impressions of America as Seen by a Traveler

Lawrence Hamilton

Lawrence Hamilton returns to the USA, this is what he found.

I Return to the USA After 2.5 Years Away and I’m Surprised by These 9 Things

Wade Shepard

Returning to the USA for a visit I realize that the country is different than how I remember it.

The Story of Ordos Kangbashi, China’s Most Famous Ghost City

Wade Shepard

They came from just about every other corner of China to start new lives in a remote outpost in Inner Mongolia. Ordos Kangbashi was meant to be one of China’s new urban utopias though it hasn’t yet worked out that way.

8 Simple Things You Need to Know Before you Teach English Abroad

Lawrence Hamilton

Want to teach English in a foreign country? This is what you need to know.

Top Ten Things That You Will Really Do in Thailand

Arthur Fern

Screw the tourist brochures telling you what to do in Thailand, this is the stuff you’re really going experience.

The Sobering Experience of Partying With China’s Rich

Mitch Blatt

Take a look at what the nightlife of China’s 1% is really like.

China’s Disposable Cities

Wade Shepard

China’s cities are being built to be demolished to be built again. They are virtually disposable. Here’s why.

Learning Bobing, Mooncake Gambling in Xiamen


I learn how to mooncake gamble, and win a giant package of toilet paper.


Even in the most apparently mundane settings you never know what you may find . . . if you keep exploring.

How I Feel Upon Returning to China


I don't know why, but this is how I feel every time I come back to China.


I learn why the Chinese don't use the letter F to designate seats on their airplanes. Well, maybe.

The Worst Airport Terminal in America?

jfk-airport-worst-in-world (5)

Could this be the worst airport terminal there is?

The Other Washington Monument

Davis's Memorial Basks in Southern Stereotypes

Lawrence Hamilton takes another look at the south and finds out what this roadside attraction is all about.


Why we should put an end to this barbaric custom.

On the Other Side of Perpetual Travel thumbnail

On the Other Side of Perpetual Travel

The hardest part of the travel life isn't going to new, unfamiliar places, it's leaving those you know best.

© Jam Vedda Foto

David Fegan braves the salsa halls of Buenos Aires.

How to Get a Job? Go to Where the Jobs Are

Economic prospects, 2015, from viewsoftheworld.net

If you want to make money, travel to where the money is.

Foreign Workers Be Warned: FBI Criminal Background Checks are Bogus thumbnail

FBI Criminal Background Checks are now being required by many countries for work visas and residence permits. Though there is a big problem with this.

West Quoddy Head Lighthouse 6

I didn't know that I was at the most easternmost point of the USA until I looked down and saw the sign in front of me which told me so. Cool. I've never really had a thing for going to the farthest, highest, longest, driest, wettest . . . most extreme parts of the planet [...]

Bad Tripping: How to Avoid Homesickness When Traveling (and Stay Away From Warty South Carolina Beauty Queens) thumbnail

An integral primer from Bad Mike on how to stave off homesickness and embrace aloneness when traveling.

How to Get Started: Traveling the World Teaching English thumbnail

Want to travel the world but don't have the money? Take a TEFL course and teach English. This is among the best ways to get started traveling and can always be something to fall back on if you run out of cash on the road.

Why You Shouldn’t Travel the World

shepard house

I return home and find a new appreciation for what the sedentary create.

The Road Ahead: South America, Where and Why thumbnail

Find out what lies on the road ahead for David Fegan. Discover where he's going in South America and why.

Petra with Chinese Americans

My daughter has a mix of identities, but the one that she recently connected with is surprising.


For 33 years I had no interest in horse racing, but that was soon to change.

USA travels, 2014

Returning to the USA for a visit I realize that the country is different than how I remember it.

Asking for the truth at a political rally

An elbow to the gut produces a deeper questioning of the American political system.