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Horgos FTZ (2) So This Is the Horgos Free Trade Zone?
Horgos China construction Horgos: The New Silk Road’s First New City
urumqi tank Urumqi Police State


A Trip to Xinjiang’s Asbestos City

Xinjiang buses

The long road through the far west of China shows the reality of the Chinese dream in one shocking catastrophe.

traditional ice cream Urumqi

Every traveler knows this rule or learns it the hard way.


How to navigate the excessive amounts of purchases you will be making when traveling.

About the cameras that Chinese drivers mount on their dashboards or windshields to film the road ahead.

electric car charging station China (5)

Electric car charging stations are starting to go up all over China. When they do the transition will begin.

China’s 5 most amazing ‘new’ cities | Weird@Wanderlust | Wanderlust thumbnail

This is an article that I wrote for Wanderlust Magazine about my five favorite new cities in China and why travelers should visit them now.

coal mining_DCE

Hiding the pollution doesn't make it go away.

Screenshot 2015-06-16 12.24.58

Bad VPN days in China derail all digital nomad operations.

Don’t Lose Your Leverage in China


Cultures are rarely run on logic or sense, and the true meaning of our games and what we actually compete for is rarely easy to discern.


This is the view from my window in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Bushwalking Australia How to


The basics for what you need to get into the wild outback of Australia


In an odd but necessary move I go in for mundane work -- and it got me where I wanted to go.

Chinese demand for new tastes driving increase in food and drink imports | South China Morning Post thumbnail

This is an article that I wrote for the South China Morning Post about how increased demand is driving the supply of imported products and foreign themed F&B establishments in China and, cyclically, how this increased supply is continuing to drive even greater demand.

The Sheer Beauty of Korean Food

YonginCIty 2011 399

A few weeks before I departed for Korea we went for Cambodian food with some friends. The talk naturally turned to different food from around the world and the ones we loved. I personally have always been partial to Vietnamese food and Indian food. The talk turned to Korean food and how so few people [...]


This is what I'm looking out at in Urumqi.

A new documentary series is coming out about the culture of street musicians around the world. I want to watch this. Let's help make it happen.

On the Road of Ambition

There are no rest stops here.

Almaty   Google Maps

I'm preparing to go out to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and the Horgos FTZ to begin my next big project: a book about the New Silk Road.

The Culture of Betting


The practice of gambling transcends culture, geography, politics, class lines, religion, and history.

Commentary on an excellent interview on censorship in China.