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Vagabond Journey Travel Stories and World Culture


A new cafe with an attention grabbing name just opened in Xiamen. An obtuse marketing ploy or lost in translation?

Interview with Bradley Martin: North Korea Expert


Whether the country is closing its borders to stop Ebola or being accused of hacking a major film studio, the DPRK can't seem to stay out of the news. I recently had a digital conversation with Bradley Martin, one of the leading experts on the DPRK, about some of the inner workings of the country and the ethics of taking a tour into North Korea.

Vagabond Journey’s Top 10 Stories of 2014


The best stories on Vagabond Journey in 2014.

Balut – Food of the Philippines


Discover balut, the infamous Filipino delicacy.

Travel writing

Making money as a traveling writer isn't as obvious as it at first make seem. Follow the dual approach of dividing work from art, make ends meet, develop your skills, and establish yourself. Here's how.


Climate Lima is a running series documenting the going on's of different people, groups and activities around the climate conference this December in Lima, Peru.

Baguio City Market

Baguio city market Philippines 6

The Baguio City Market may be a throwback to another era, but it's still the heart of the city.


The rains begin as Kashmir enters its worst flooding in a century. The only thing to eat is rancid cabbage. The mountains begin crumbling and sliding, taking out villages and anything laying in their path. Though a hero emerges with a prize and a message of love. It can only get worse from here.

The commercialization of Christmas is often scoffed at and scorned, but does the rampant consumer culture that surrounds the holiday really show what it's all about?

What Christmas in China is All About


What China's secular Christmas really means.

Travel in the Age of Ebola

Ebola Philippines Newspaper

How world travel has adapted to the recent Ebola outbreak.

Hero Laowai Blocks Traffic in Shanghai

foreigner blocking road_DCE

A foreigner in Shanghai makes a stand against traffic. Is he a hero or an asshole?

Reminder in Lima: Don’t Get Mugged


A bungled beach-side night mugging serves as a valuable reminder not to become to comfortable and complacent while travelling alone.

Batam: Portrait of a Free Trade Zone

Batam Indonesia Minaret

Fifteen years ago the island of Batam was nothing but forests in an obscure part of Indonesia. Now it is a vibrant boomtown with over a million people looking for something better.

5 Myths About Australia Debunked

australian flag koala bear

An Australian challenges the concepts of her country that many outsiders hold as fact.

The Strange Beers of China

brands chinese beer

Beer nerd Lawrence Hamilton samples random and strange beers in China.

Travel Safety: An Introduction


The primer to a new series on travel safety, written by long-term travelers.

The Road Ahead Peru and North

Where David Fegan is on the road to and why.


The second part of the build up to disaster.