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Office Pranks

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Office Pranks

The prankster began to grow weary in the stale, office-like, and shockingly sterile university environment in which he was studying in New York City. He figured that he had to start pulling pranks to keep himself from shriveling up into a beastly serious prune. He had to start pulling pranks to save his own life.
Wade from Vagabond Journey.com
in Brooklyn, New York City- December 5, 2008
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One day the internal rapture that fluorescent lights, secretary’s clicking high heal shoes, and the office-like expressions on otherwise good and creative faces grew to a towering height:

The prankster had to pull a prank.

So he wrote some words across a computer, printed them out, and cleverly designed a mock book jacket of his own creation. He then snuck into the office of the anthropologist Kathleen Modrowski’s, removed a book from her bookshelf, and covered it with the false jacket. The prankster then returned the newly titled book to its former position on the shelf, with its new name shining brightly down its spine. The prankster giggled.

The humorously re-titled book now sat like a ticking time bomb on the shelf of the anthropologist, ever waiting for someone to notice it and shriek with harrowing exclamation. This went on for more than two months, with students, faculty members, and the anthropologist herself ever browsing through the collection of books, but always overlooking the misnomered addition.

Until . . .

One day a prospective student with her parents sat in the anthropologist’s office with a square-on view of the book shelf. They were all interested in Global College and her parents were wondering if it could possibly be a good choice for their daughter. The anthropologist found it odd that the mother continually asked questions about the texts that the students in the school used and if they utilize serious and academic books.

“Yes, of course,” the renown anthropologist continually reassured them, “the texts that are used in our classes are of the highest academic quality.”

The parents nodded their heads and concluded their meeting with the anthropologist before venturing across the office to speak a little more with a Global College admissions counselor. Upon termination of the parental visit, the admissions counselor rushed into the anthropologist’s office and gasped as she looked upon her book collection.

There, in broad light, it was discovered that the anthropologist was (seemingly) harboring a book entitled:

“An Oral History of Farting.”

The prankster’s prank grew to fruition, and what was normally a stiff and sterile office budded over with the sounds of laugher. But the prankster knows that, even though he won today, revenge is being sought. His identity is known by the contours of his character, and he knows that he will soon be made the ass of the prank chain that he created.

May everyone working away in an office pull a prank today.

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Office Pranks

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