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Northern Lights in Arkansas

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What the…!?

Yes, friends and neighbors. There were northern lights in Arkansas last night. I can’t recall this ever happening before. Here is the official explanation:

“The cause of the show was a coronal mass ejection from the sun that hit Earth’s magnetosphere at about 2 p.m. ET”, SpaceWeather.com reported. “The impact caused a strong compression in the magnetic field, allowing electrically charged particles from the solar wind to penetrate down to geosynchronous orbit (22,000 miles or 35,000 kilometers in altitude).”

Don’t ask me what that means. I’m just repeating what I read. The report went on to say:

“Solar activity is on the upswing toward an expected peak of the sun’s 11-year cycle in 2013, and the past few months have been marked by strong auroral activity.”

So, there you have it. Another nice little trip without leaving my backyard.

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