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No Hesitation When Buying Plane Tickets

SOSUA, Dominican Republic- Never hesitate when looking for a plane ticket. The moment you find a good price, buy it. Don’t wait on the chance that the price will come down, don’t monkey around with indecision about departure dates:

Just buy it.

Once an air ticket is purchased, that is the path you are going to travel: your route is in stone, it is settled, the foot has spoken, you don’t even need to think about it anymore.

Searching for a flight out of the Dominican Republic

I bobbled and then dropped two good priced air tickets when looking for flights out of the Dominican Republic — I hesitated to click the purchase button, and now must pay double.

Our next move is El Salvador.

When I checked out the prices of onward tickets before coming to the Dominican Republic, I was looking at $120 to Mexico on Jet Blue leaving the beginning of March. But I did not purchase this ticket. I waited, I hesitated. The price has now shot up to over $300.

So I continued looking for cheap flights out of the Dominican Republic towards El Salvador throughout our stay, and a week ago I found a flight for $170 on Spirit Air. This would have been good, too.

I mentioned it to Chaya. We hesitated. This flight is now $290.

Where to travel from Dominican Republic

We think about staying in the Dominican Republic for another month — we all like it here — but the current rates on flights leaving in April are hitting upwards of $400 per ticket one way. I miscalculated the Caribbean tourism high season — I did not predict that the cost of flights would more than double in only a month’s time — and I’m going to have to pay for it.

I travel with a family now: a wife and a baby. We have a single income, and this income must now cover the costs of two airfares. We are now looking at $600 to get off this island, rather than the $250 that I planned for.

The biggest expense in travel has now doubled for my traveling family. This is perhaps the other side of budgeting for family travel — we save money by staying in apartments, we save more money by traveling slow, but we must boot the costs of two airfares rather than one — and soon it will be three.

Travel tips often come out of travel mistakes, don’t hesitate on buying a plane ticket, as cheap flights have the tendency of rolling over cliffs and disappearing  into thin air.

Once you buy a plane ticket, your route is set — there is no more thinking about it, you can now relax. Don’t hesitate at the crossroad.

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