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Myth Or Reality? Is Learning Chinese A Dream?

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As the world’s fourth largest country China has a big piece of the economy when it comes to business and trade. We are hearing more and more about trade deals with China and industry here is booming. However, the language and cultural barriers when dealing with China can be quite challenging. Can you rely on your partners in China knowing and understanding your own native language? Is learning Chinese a myth or reality?

Where do you start with the Chinese language?

Many people, whether that’s travellers or international business people learn some of the language of the people they are planning to interact with. Chinese however, has become a language thought to be too difficult to learn especially for westerners. Well you can learn to speak and understand as much of the language as you need to. It’s really easy too as there are online Chinese tutors on websites such as Preply where you can learn directly from native Chinese people. Whether you just want to learn some basic conversation or polite acknowledgements and replies to much more in depth learning you are able to do it here.

Why should I learn Chinese?

When you learn a new language, not only do you learn how to speak to people but you also learn about culture and way of life. When you learn from a native speaker you will find out about local phrases and colloquialisms that you may have otherwise missed. It’s quite ignorant to think everyone will understand your own language and English is the language that is usually commonly spoken.

If you are thinking of travelling solo to China, then it will help you no end if you learn Chinese before you go. Even if you just learn some basics then you can pick up more of the language as you travel.

Having or planning to have business connections in China is a reason to learn at least a little Chinese to get by. You are much more likely to get along with your partners and also to understand for yourself without using translators or intermediates for basic conversation at least.

China is up and coming and when it comes to new technology as well as in industry. You might have a need to speak the language in any walk of life.

How to learn Chinese

The method you choose to learn Chinese will depend on how much time you have to study, how much money you have to spend and what you want to learn. A great way to learn is with tutors online where you can speak to real people in real time. This way you can learn as little or as much as you want too.

If you are serious about learning and want a qualification, then you may want to sign up for a college course or degree. This will take you a lot of time and dedication but if you want the full works then this is the way to go.

Of course, to learn a few words or phrases you can buy a phrase book, listen to audio guides or watch videos. There are plenty of ways to learn, you just need to choose what is best for you.

So is learning Chinese a Dream?

The reality is, yes you can learn Chinese! However, you wish to learn, if you want to be fluent or just know a few phrases, you really can do it. What do you think? Is learning Chinese a dream? Or have you been taught the Chinese language?

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