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Multicultural Multi Ethnic New York City

Multicultural, Multi-Ethnic New York City

New York City makes me want to go to other lands. Yes, the cultures and people that are resplendent here present a good cross section of planet earth. My early assumptions were correct, New York City is a hotbed of everywhere else, and, as such, just being here makes me want to jet off to a dozen different parts of the world every day.
Wade from Vagabond Journey.com
in Brooklyn, New York City- October 22, 2008
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My Path took a major turn in coming to NYC, and I am now of the impression that this stop will be one in which I can always turn and look back upon. A huge detour was taken, I was pushed to the verge of collapse, and I felt as if I was hanging on by only a thin thread. But walks through the far away, never, never land representations of the world’s cultures saved me and put a smile right on my face.

In New York City I can choose what country I want to travel in on a daily basis. New York City is giving me a view of the world in some odd sort of mixed up, kaleidoscopic microcosm. And I am beginning to like it:

Ethiopians pound drum rhythms on empty five gallon buckets next to Beijing Opera singers in full Old China regalia in the subway for spare change. The languages on street signs move from Spanish to Chinese to Arabic to Cyrillic to Hindi depending on the duration and direction of your walk. Food is true smorgasbord, as I know that I can eat any kind of food from anywhere in the world relatively cheaply.

I went up to the Indian district in Queens last night and ate real Indian food at a dirty restaurant and then watched a Bollywood moving in a theater. It made me miss India.

A week ago, I went for a long walk through Spanish Harlem searching for Salsa Lazano. Being around all of the Latinos in the streets and hearing a half dozen different dialects of Spanish being spoken made me want to go back to Latin America.

A few days ago I went down to the ocean front at the south of Brooklyn in the Russian district. Trying to sound out all of the Cyrillic signs and looking at all of the fat Russian women made me want to go to Russia.

And, as always, walks through Chinatown make me want to go back to my surrogate homeland: China.

Sikh man walking in Indian district of Queens.

Manhattan Chinatown vegetable market.

Russians in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.

Indians in Queens.

Good, dirty, cheap, authentic Indian restaurant.

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Multicultural, Multi-Ethnic New York City
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