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Upon getting a good kick in the arse from Baron, a long term reader of this travelogue, I have finally encouraged Chaya to start writing for Vagabond Journey.com — to begin writing about traveling with a baby.

Chaya will soon begin writing what has come to be known as a mommy blog. A mommy travel blog.


Flagstaff, Arizona, Southwest USA, North America
Saturday, October 31, 2009
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Though there is a matter of logistics with this. Should Chaya write entries on this travelogue with me? Or start her own blog on Vagabond Journey.com?

There are benefits to both.

If she was to write on this travelogue, there would be no starting from scratch, it would take less set up time, and would allow readers to only need to go to a single place to read about what is going on.

Whereas if she was to write on her own blog on Vagabond Journey.com she would be able to streamline the topic — it would be a mommy travel blog, and a mommy travel blog alone. There would be now inconsistency of content, and we would be able to hone in on a specific target audience: mommies who like to read mommy blogs or families that are considering traveling with a baby. On this travelogue, I have many different topics, the content direction of this blog is very general, I like to write about a lot of things.

It is my impression that if someone was in search about information about traveling with a baby then all of the slag that I put up here about travel gear, tips, archaeology, working while traveling etc . . . may get in the way. Streamlining content is important for building a large following on the internet . . . as well as for seeking print media press and advertisers.

We, as a family, need to generate more money. A large part of Chaya writing on the internet is to make money. I am convinced that if she wrote a straight up mommy blog about traveling with Petra, she would have a larger following, more advertisers, and be generating far more income than me. She could write for a niche that is far more refined.  I write a general travel blog — there are millions of travel blogs — but Chaya could write one of only a handful of blogs about traveling with an infant.

Though, at the same time, ease of reading is also very important. Having the two blogs in one would be much easier for regular readers to get the full picture. Each time an internet publisher tries to prompt readers to click on a link they are asking a lot. I read a travel blog or two, and I know that I, myself, am hesitant to click on a prompted link to another page. If Chaya was to write on this travelogue it would not be a true mommy blog, but it would have the entire story in a single location, as well as continue building up upon the foundation that I have busted my back laying.

What do you think? Readers, what do you think would be better? What are your preferences? What would be best for you, what do you think would be best for us?

Thank you,


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