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Mexico City Airport Navigation

Mexico City Airport Navigation

On my flight from JFK to San Jose, Costa Rica I had an overnight layover in Mexico City. From 11PM to 6AM I would be sitting in the airport with nowhere to go- there is no way that I would go into Mexico and pay for a hotel room for only a few hours.

So Mira and I try to just stay in the terminal we were dropped off in. We settled into an almost comfortable sleep in the far corner of the most secluded gate. Just as we begin to dream two security guards wake us up and tell us that we have to leave.

We protest. We just want to wait until our flight to Costa Rica leaves, we do not wish to go into Mexico. But we are kicked through immigration anyway.

We get our passports stamped for our nine hour stay in Mexico. We now wait to be allowed back into our boarding gate.

It is funny to me how some airports seem to just like funneling people through mazes of impertinence for the fun of it. Mexico City is not nearly as complicated as my flight change in Cairo last summer when my passport was taken from me and I was force to stay inside a spare room in the airport for hours without food or water. An armed guard was even posted at the door to prevent my exit. I do not recommend transfering flights in Cairo.

Wade from Vagabond Journey.com
Mexico City Airport
January 20, 2008

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