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Meerschaum Pipe Designs

Meerschaum Pipe Designs

One of the most striking thing about meerschaum pipes that I noticed while researching for an article on the subject was that there seems to be an infinite and continuously evolving array of designs. Although meerschaum has been used to carve tobacco pipes for more than 300 years, there seems to be no traditional limitations when it comes to the designs that the pipes are carved into.

This shows that meerschaum pipe carving is still a living tradition that is morphing and changing with the times, that is still nearly as open to change and adaption as the day the first pipe was carved from this white stone. But I also fear that this large expanse of adaptability may be the final gurgling efforts of a dying art trying to stay afloat. Perhaps widening the array of designs is a last ditch attempt to make meerschaum pipes a little more sought after in world where most people seem far too busy to sit down, smoke, and enjoy a beautifully carved tobacco pipe.
Wade from Vagabond Journey.com
in Sanliurfa, Turkey- March 23, 2009
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Photos of meerschaum pipes

Meerschaum pipes by Huseyin Akdolu.

Meerschaum pipe designs on display at the Meerschaum museum in Eskisehir, Turkey.

Half finished meerschaum pipe of a floral design. This pipe still needs to be drilled and finished.

Sultan head designs in Burhan Yucel’s meerschaum pipe showroom in Eskisehir.

Sultan head meerschaum pipe design and a beaded necklace.

A medicine box carved from Meerschaum shown by master carver, Mehmet Ucak, in Burhan Yucel’s showroom.

A feminine hand and flower meerschaum pipe design.

An eagle head meerschaum pipe design.

A dragon carved into a meerschaum pipe.

Another dragon carved into a meerschaum pipe in one of Burhan Yucel’s workshops in Eskisehir, Turkey.

Eskisehir meerschaum pipe story

Meerschaum pipe history
Meerschaum pipe history
Making meerschaum pipes

Meerschaum Pipe Designs

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